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Update on three month appointment


Thank you to the ladies that replied to my earlier post ,just putting my fears on here helped me get it into proportion . Back from oncology appointment with a smile on my face , my CA125 is normal ,I was convinced it was rising , was told to avoid social contact ,especially grand children ( 13, plus 3 great grandchildren) this I will find hard ,but looks like I'll have to do it . Take care ladies,stay safe .xx


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That is fantastic News! Take care. Jan x.

Thank you Jan ,such a relief ,perhaps I'll get better with this check up business in time .x

That’s wonderful news at a time we can all use it! Yay!

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Thank you , I agree , we need all the good news we can get at the moment , take care .x

Great news. So pleased for you Cheryl. Jenny x

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Thank you Jenny, so kind of you , hope you're doing OK and coping with virus restrictions. Xx

That is fantastic news, we are using face time to talk to family, you can at least see the smiles. x

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Thank you ,face time is my plan too .x

Yay yay yay!!! So pleased for you xx

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Thank you ,three months to enjoy ,pubs restaurants ,cafés theatre , swimming ,oh perhaps not 😀 x

Great news , so pleased for you xx

Thank you Manchesterlady ,hope you're doing alright too .xx

So happy for you, fantastic news

Stay safe

Loren x

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Thank you Lorentz ,you take care of yourself . x

Good news xxx

It is ,but I do think about all the ladies whose news isn't good ,for now I'm grateful.x

Great News Cheryl ! XX

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Thank you, take care in these strange times.x

Hi Cheryl, so pleased to read your good news! I have a monthly check as I’m on Olaparib and each time I feel so anxious I’ll be given bad news. I have one tomorrow in fact. ( This will be my third).

I guess as time goes by, our confidence may gradually improve. It’s hard though isn’t it?

Your news has cheered me up though and it’s helpful knowing that I’m not the only one who panics!

Love Denise xxx

Thank you Denise , really hope your news is good tomorrow, I hope it will get easier for us both , let me know , good or not so good me and all the ladies are here for you .xx

Thank you Cheryl, I will do that. It’s just so scary. I didn’t even ask about my CA 125 last time as I thought, if it’s gone up, my consultant will tell me. I’d sort of like to know but then I worry if it changes even by one point!

Thanks for being so understanding, it does really help.


I don't ask either ,he said normal last time and same today , realized when I left there was things I hadn't asked ,usually write a list but didn't today , happy to help ,anytime ,be thinking about you tomorrow. Xx

Thank you so much, I’ll let you know! Fingers crossed!


Hi Cheryl, my Ca125 and other results all normal; phew! Need to drink more water for my kidneys though as apparently Olaparib can increase Creatinine?

Thanks for your supporting words yesterday!

Denise xxxxx

So happy for you Denise , brilliant news , you probably need more than water after that , you must be very relieved .xx


Yes, I can relax for a few weeks again, Corona virus allowing! Xxxxx

Coronavirus is a bugger isn't it , preventing me from doing all the things I planned , hope you have a chance to do something nice . xx

Well, I’ve had to cancel three planned outings ( making up for last year ) which was disappointing but there will be other times in the future and we’re all in the same boat.

Going to go for a nice country walk instead.

Hopefully, by Summer, we can all start doing the things we like again.

Take care


Country walk sounds good ,enjoy xx

So happy for you ❤️

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Thank you ,heart warming to know people care despite there own troubles. X

Excellent news well done you 👍🏻. Don’t you think that the pre appointment jitters we all get make us over analyse our various twinges and in turn convince ourselves we are not well? I’m thrilled your CA125 was good and long may that continue. I’m sorry you can’t see your family but better safe than sorry. Keep on keeping on lovely and thank you for sharing your good news. Virtual big hugs (best we can offer at the moment 🥴) and love ❤️Xx Jane

Wonderful, so pleased for you. I am going to join some online games forums with my mum to play Scrabble etc, is that something you could do with grandchildren/ great grandchildren- there may be ones with children's games.

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Thank you ,That's a good idea ,I'll look at that. Xx

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My mum and I are researching today if we come across any thing will post x

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Thank you .x

So happy you’ve had good news.

Anxiety before any results is so understandable - I think most feel like this 🤔

Rightly or wrongly I prepare myself for the worst so anything better is a bonus.

Enjoy FaceTime with the family.

Take care xx

Thank you , I do exactly the same ,I think the worst and plan how to deal with it, then I'm shocked when its good .

Take care .x

Big sigh of relief Cheryl! What wonderful news. Thanks for sharing it! oxoxox Judy

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Thank you ,It is a big relief ,feel so much better today . xx

Brilliant - one less thing to worry about at this very, very difficult time...


Yes indeed ,strange times ,hope you're keeping as well as possible .x

As well as possible, yes, given I'm waddling around looking 7 months pregnant - a combination of a huge incisional hernia and ascites. I am rather wondering what the chances are of being drained with all this virus stuff going on when it gets really bad... but hey ho, these things are sent to try us!


Oh goodness that can't be easy , really hope you get the care you need .xx

I hope everyone does, but I'm not banking on it - we're all in deep doo doo really, aren't we. Viral infection, the great leveller... no point panicking though, is there, what will be will be. Take care


We can only hope and try to keep smiling xx

Yea - I find the Daily Mash helps with that enormously!

Great news Cheryl. We are isolating here in France. OH currently having chemo for recurrence just 3 months after finishing first round of radiotherapy/chemo. It’s now in his lungs so very vulnerable. My next check up will be in June.

It’s sometimes so hard to keep the positive head on and this virus has just amplified it all.

Stay well


Thank you Joy , so kind of you to reply when you've got such a lot on you're plate , full of admiration for you and your OH ,wishing you both well .xx



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Thank you Lee , feel much better today .xx



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Thank you x

Well done you. Fantastic news.


Thank you.x

Great news! Now you can exhale! I know how you feel not able to be around the grandkids. Thank goodness for FaceTime...unless you are me and your granddaughter decides to run with it. Got me dizzy! Lol.

Stay well!



Thank you Marisa , I may have the same problem with the little ones 😀 xx

As I was telling my granddaughter to stop running with the phone because I was getting nauseous, I could hear my son in the background “mom, just stop looking at the screen”😂

Made me chuckle x

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