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Surprise Scan Result


Hello Ladies,

I wanted to share some good news (finally) with you. Had my scan at the Christie on Saturday after 6 sessions of Carboplatin/Caelyx during which time my CA125 had increased every month so I was dreading the results. I saw the specialist yesterday and was amazed when she said that the situation had not changed since my last scan in June and despite the fact my tumours were still present, they had not deteriorated any further which was a huge blessing and a shock as I was expecting the worse. Looks like Caelyx, the drug from hell (!) has done its job.

So I now have a three month break before I have to go back for a check up and I am hugely grateful to everyone who has helped me over the last six months. I am so proud that after being diagnosed with Stage 3C OC in October 2013, I'm still hear leading a relatively normal life. Long may it last.


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Yaaaay! Well done you xxxx

Long may it last indeed!. Great to hear some good news!. Soooooo pleased for you :)


Gives hope to others having a worrying time with caelyx. Rising ca125 is not always a bad sign!

This is great news Ruby xxx

Great news! I've just finished 3 months of weekly carbo/taxol and see my oncologist in a couple of weeks so it's encouraging to hear that good things happen.

Enjoy your freedom!

Ruby49 in reply to Beth25

Best of luck Beth x

Yay, go you! xx

Great news well done, you are on an official drug free holiday. Now you know it was all worth the pain and discomfort. Wishing you well

Great news Ruby. I was diagnosed as stage 3b in June 13 so we are roughly the same. So that kful every day for my life. Ann xo

Ruby49 in reply to thesilent1

I agree with you Ann. Everything takes on a new perspective and even mundane things are very precious.

What treatments have you had so far?

thesilent1 in reply to Ruby49

I ha surgery in June 13 followed by 6 cycles of carbo/taxol. I was in remission after that, short lived though, my bloods were raised in Aug 14 and scan revealed it was back. The oncologist was shocked that it came back so soon, especially as I had such a good result. The 3 tumours in lymph nodes were small so I went on watch and wait. Despite growing 2 further tumours near the liver, they have progressed slowly and I remain on watch and wait although for the last few weeks I have. Been having painful twinges and cramps. I have taken Dulcolax the last couple of nights at bedtime as I also felt my. Bowel was playing up a bit. I have not had as much pain today so it might be just my bowel. I put a call through for my nurse specialist on Monday morning though. The healthcare assistant got back to me that afternoon but to date I haven't heard from the NS. I suppose she is busy. All the best. Ann x

Ruby49 in reply to thesilent1

Best of luck with your fight Ann x

Hi Ruby,

So pleased for you. I truly hope your next scan is another positive one. I am also under The Christie, being low grade 3b. I'm currently on Letrozole which I've been on for abt 8 weeks so far. I've to have a scan in abt 8 weeks time and review.

Make sure you have some "you" time now including treats and relaxation.


It is always nice to hear good news. I was diagnosed in March 13 with 3c and at the moment I am okay but due for the dreaded check up next week.

Ruby49 in reply to avid

Very best of luck x

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