How long for PET Scan results?

I had a PET scan 2 weeks ago today but still not heard anything (possibly recurrence).. I don't want to ring as they are so busy but my mind is playing tricks with me.. Scenario 1. the results are so bad they don't know how to break it to me. Scenario 2. It actually takes this long so I should just be patient. Scenario 3. No news is good news i.e. if it was really bad they would have called me in by now. Scenario 4. My Oncologist was on leave last week and today is the MD meeting today so should hear soon.

Does anyone remember how long they waited?

Gilly x

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  • I've not had a PET scan, but with my initial CT scan I was seen the following day (bad news) and with the CT scan after 3 rounds of chemo I was seen around a week later after the MDT (good news - good response to chemo).

    I would have thought if your onc has been on holiday and the MDT meeting is today, you'll hear very soon. Try not to panic!

  • I've not had a PET scan but I know with my CT scan results they are alway 2 weeks until I get them.

    You will hear soon I'm sure especially if the MDT meeting is today. Wishing you all the best xx

  • Hi Gilly, I know it is an anxious wait but I agree with the other two comments, I don't usually don't get any results until after MDT meetings! Hoping it turns out to be Scenario 3 for you.

    Helen x

  • Hi Gilly,

    Any bad news I've been whipped in quick,so hopefully yours means good!

    Let us know how you get on

    Carole xx

  • I like the sound of that Carole but not that you were called in quick :0( .. every phone call sends my head into a spin.. I get mad when other half's mum uses the phone and ties up the line LOL.. I left work and started a business with my other half looking after dogs and we have a full calendar.. I don't have time to be ill again.. although I know this horrible disease does not respect what I want :0(

    Gilly x

  • Hi Gilly,

    It's no respecter,but hopefully there will be a good outcome for you,

    Let me know how you get on xx

  • Hi Gilly

    It was usually about 2 weeks although I haven't had that many. However my second last one that showed up a recurrence was also 2 weeks . I had the unfortunate experience on the Friday of a bank holiday , of a message being left on my phone telling me of recurrence. I couldn't contact anyone until Tue so it was a very long, stressful weekend. I had told myself that no news is good news ! However for the recent one that was to check if my lymph nodes had swollen more, I got an appt a week later to give me results . I asked the radiographer on that last one how quickly they are read and he said the next day !

    I really hope you hear soon and that it's good news. By the way my story about message being left probably doesn't happen very often. My lovely gynae was called away to surgery and apologised profusely to me the following week


  • So sorry Gilly. Mine was a CT scan. Perhaps it takes longer for a PET scan .


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