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The dilemma which I go through? Is it cancer or chemo related?

I have a peritoneal/abdominal wall/ ovary cancer stage iv

I have a peritoneal/abdominal wall/ ovary cancer stage iv (two big masses and small nodules)-metastatic. My GYN-oncologist told me, no values or benefits from operation; therefore only chemo treatment will be given to me to control the spread of the cancer.

I have a severe pain in my abdominal as well as sometimes constipation, diarrhea and nausea. My GYN dr. is still recommending continuing the chemo (this is the third line of chemo). Currently I am taken Etoposide and latest CT confirm not big response but no progression. I am so tired, but the million $ question? What I am facing now? Is it because of the chemo or the cancer? Because I am thinking to quit the chemo?

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Don't give in yet Eyman 1, do you think the abdominal pain could be the chemo attacking the disease and chemo does cause nausea, constipation and diarrhoea. Do you have a CNS that you could call and ask her about the symptoms you have? May be she could prescribe some pain killers for you. Hope you start to feel better soon x


Dont give up chemo. makes us feel low but keep going when its all through you will be glad you kept going. I am going through chemo. 3rd line and its tough but know it will help me.

take care love Jenny xxx

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Don't give up hope. I have a friend here in Belfast who was told not yo get her hopes up about getting surgery at the halfway stage. She was getting carbo/taxol. After her 6th cycle she was scanned again and after that they decided they could operate. Keep hope alive. Ann xo

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Thanks and very much appreciate your feedback ( ketchup, jennybutler and thesilent1).

One thing to ask also, when do we say a particular chemo is working or not ? regarding my case my GYN told me, he is happy with the result of the CT and he would like to continue this chemo (third line is Etoposide) for 4 months. After 3 months (last CT) no progression only slight increase in one of the mass less than one cm and small nodules, got smaller) .....based on your knowledge is this acceptable or my Dr is giving up on trying the 4th line thinking of me is not worth trying because he thinks Etoposide is less painful side effects compare to other chemo ?


Hi I'm stag1V and currently on Etoposide as 4th line. My disease has never reduced in size, has always remained stable or no progression and that's the best I can hope for.

I was diagnosed in May2012 and longest break I've had from chemo is 6mths.

Don't give up hope, I'm sure your team have a plan.

Should have said I did have surgery but all disease couldn't be removed.

I have found Etoposide very tiring too.



Thnx Chris for the positive feedback & support.


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