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Life After Chemo

Its now six weeks since my last chemo for first line treatment. OK not had a scan date yet but as consultant said she will arrange as non -urgent and was more interested in the fact I am feeling and looking well plus she does not want to see me for 3 months. So I'm getting on with my life and focusing on the positives.

I'm feeling good, energy levels seem back to normal. Consultant said I could go swimming so Today I renewed my membership at my local DW Sports & Fitness club, celebrated by a nice long swim of just over a mile. Oh how I have missed that lovely quiet pool and the tranquillity of non stop gliding through the calm water, total bliss.

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It's so good that you've managed to recover this level of fitness and the gliding through the water sounds lovely (this from someone who swims with their head out, like a turtle)! Isn't it fantastic to get back to an activity you really enjoy? This can certainly be counted as an positive.

Love Elaine xxx


Thank you Elaine, love turtles and they swim just fine Lol x

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Great that you've finished chemo and are aable to enjoy swimming again. Ann xo


Wonderful to hear your news! You get out there and 'live'!!!! I've not managed to get back to swimming because I'm also a 'turtle' neck, head out of water and only like breaststroke which I've been advised not to due since my knee replacement! Really envy you.


Annette xxx


Great news! Long may you enjoy your swimming xx


Crikey you are a super trooper to get back to swimming so soon but you are right. You obviously enjoy it so much so it is good for you. You also find it relaxing so it is good for the soul as well as the body. All we can do is get on with our lives at best we can between consultations etc, I think we have to focus on day to day and not think of the ifs and buts, that is easily said but hard to follow. Sending you best wishes


I think there's no denying exercise is good for the soul and helps lifts our mood. Why oh why then have I wallowed through my treatment I ask myself, I knew I could not go swimming but I could have gone a little walk but most days did not bother. Its like a depression and a self perpetuating viscous circle for me anyway, the less I did the less I wanted to do the more down I felt. OK have finished treatment but I don't know what will happen next but I do know I feel better when I have done some exercise. Although I appreciate you have to be feeling ok physically to be up to doing something in the first place x You are so right about living for Today wish we could all do that more especially when we know deep down thats all anyone can ever do as Tomorrow never comes. On that note I am going to shut up as the 'doing' is much more important than the 'thinking' which is not always good for us. We would enjoy life a lot more if on the good days we live in the now.


Oh I am so jealous of your swim.... it is the only thing I really miss while on treatment. I do admire you for your mile swim - I reckon when I am allowed swim again, the centre will have to have a cardiac care specialist there.... as I am sure one length will send the heart rate up, up, up and up.

Anyway, your good news has cheered me up. I am having the 6th, and last chemo session on Monday week - together with the all telling CT scan. So hoping for good news also.

Enjoy the freedom. Daisis.


Hi Daisies,

Hope last chemo went OK and you are looking forward to a chemo free Christmas and maybe a New year swim! I have still not heard anything about a scan date but you know what - they can keep it until 2015 so I can enjoy myself and forget about it and feel and be normal again. Intend to just do what I want enjoy life with friends and family over Christmas. Best wishes to you and your family x


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