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Chemo treat


Hi All

Not usually words put together

A bit of a frivolous post but I am curious. I will be starting chemo soon for the first time. I have decided that I deserve a treat in advance of how yucky I will probably feel. I have decided to treat myself to a watch I have lusted after for some time. (I like watches, shoes and cars not necessarily in that order).

This may seem materialistic compared to seeing more of partner etc but it works for me.

Has anyone else treated themselves to something special to help with the crap you have or are going through.


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Yes, I spent more money than I would normally have done on a pair of new riding boots with the intention of taking them into hospital with me to remind me that I had to get better quickly in order to wear them! In the end I was persuaded that there might not be that much room around my hospital bed (I was going to take my walking sticks and rucksack as well), so I settled for a photograph of them instead.

Once I was out of hospital I put them on frequently, admiringly twisting my ankles for minutes at a time, until I finally was well enough to use them!

I don't see it as materialistic more a talisman perhaps. Enjoy your new watch!

All the best! Helen

Hi Helen

I shall now call it a talisman. Sounds less selfish lol.

Good idea on photo rather than actual in hospital. Glad you loved your treat.


Hi Helen.. yes all the way with you on this one! I spent loads on Clarins facial products and still do. Also now buying Lancôme and Estee Lauder make-up... because I'm worth it! It cheers me up and my skin was so dry with chemo which I finished in June and Clarins continues! You made me smile having my not so guilty pleasures!! Love Michelle xx

Definitely not materialistic at all .. we deserve to be treated... I love shoes would love a pair of laboutins but I haven't the budget so I buy iron fist they are bit quirky skulls etc some are quite high ... the advantage of having neuropathy is I can wear high shoes and my feet don't hurt like the used too ... can't walk any better in them tho... my son is a car buff... he would love to own a mustang ... we hired one for his recent wedding he loved it and it features heavily in his wedding album ... lovely memories 😍

Cheers Shelly girl

Feeling better with each reply. Tried on some Louboutins. Could stand up but not move with any degree of safety. Where I had my car modded they run 4 Mustangs (the uk market ones) for racing. They are very nice but I don't think I can stretch to watch and Mustang. Lol


Well ladies, I dont drink or smoke but I have to admit to changing my car every few years since diagnosis. Not a Mustang mind you but a little Suzuki Swift. They are easy to drive and enconomical to run, Just one litre engine but its my luxury. I do get help from my local credit union though. My current car is while but with the weather more a dirty grey, I am happy in runners and ankle boots and jeans. I have always promised myself I would lose the casual look but here I am at 66 and havent changed yet. Jeans are handy with muddy paws from dogs,

Hi, go for it girl.

I bought Robbie Williams tickets for June next year. Can't wait to sing out loud:

I love my life

I am powerful

I am beautiful

I am free...

Lynne 💞

I didn't splurge on anything for myself... Not because I didn't want to, I could only come up with new slippers, a thrift store splurge or a new toilet seat. 😀 limited income means limited wishes, I guess.

I did have a thank you Oyster roast/chili cookoff in my backyard for everyone who helped me get thru my year of treatments and surgeries. I gifted my daughter's a beautiful necklace with their zodiac sign and my grandsons with cute kids superhero watches.

Trust me, I tried to think of a gift for myself, but I live simply and frugally and get a thrill out of a quiet bubble bath and a good book.

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Hi Mommoo

I may need to invest in a new toilet seat if I get some of the expected side effects of chemo so I am not ruling that one out!

I like the idea of the cook off but too cold here at the moment for outdoor stuff like that. A meal with close friends tonight will be good. As I do not have children it does tend to be all about me lol

Nice to hear what others do.


I was giggling at your reply! I am on my 3rd toilet seat since DX. Harsh harsh side effects meant I gave those seats a workout! I live in the Southeast US so I have to wait til January or February to get some nice chilly oyster weather. But I wouldn't mind some snow for Christmas.. Highly unlikely but it has happened!

One of my friends has numerous health issues and has to see various consultants at different hospitals. I've driven her to some of her appointments, especially the Margate ones, where we meet up with her sister who lives the other side of the hospital.

We are both avid crafters, so even though Hobbycraft isn't strictly on our way home, we often end up there for a post appointment treat... after all, it's only a few hundred yards (or so) off our route so as my friend says, it would be rude not to! ;) x

Hi Lindy

How nice to be able to share a treat. Double value!


I have a little treat after each chemo. A new winter hat, something little for the house etc. At the end of chemo I planned to treat myself to a Mulberry bag, something I would have never bought before. Which I did. Ended up being more hassle. The buckle scratched the leather after two weeks and I returned it to be told I was "using it incorrectly and it was my own fault and they would not help". You can imagine my reaction. I assumed that a company of that quality would have wonderful customer service but alas no. After a long process they eventually agreed to a credit note to the value of the bag and I'm sure it's only because in the end I mentioned that this was my post chemo treat. Still to use the credit note but the excitement has gone.

However I've only found out that our health insurance reimburses for nights in hospital so I'm buying a better camera with that little windfall.

We all need to do whatever helps us through.

Merry Christmas


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Hi Bibs73

A treat after each treatment. I feel I shall have to up my game now. Maybe not a bag like yours as I have not had any instructions on how to use one lol.

Merry Christmas. 🎄

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This really made me laugh! If you get any instructions, let us know-I'm sure I've been doing it wrong for years!!

I still endulge myself ,children and grandchildren 7 years on 😳😳😳😳😳

in reply to Howick01

I like this also- the practice of continuing to treat. Clearly I have to set my standards higher. Well done you.


Treated myself and my twin daughters to some new tops today and I've just done an online shop in the joules sale to get a new bedding set for when I come home from my debulking surgery!

Your post inspired me to cheer myself up!! Why not :)

Jess xx

Hi Jess

Well done. Treating is the way to go.


I'' splurging on a new sofa with build in chaise. Hoping it arrives before my surgery as my sofa is not as cozy to rest on. Not looking likely on timing, but its now inspiring a full libing toom re-do.

I also bought some soft cozy tshirts and sweatshirts as well as a luxurious coat for my mother who has yet to miss a treatment or dr appt.

I have decided that treating definitely helps. I have not extended beyond myself but may consider doing so !


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