Lump in groin?

Hello everyone, I'm worried... I'm 5mths post chemo for 3c OC. The other day I found a lump in the left groin area, it feels hard and about the size of pea.. I hope it's just the lymph node but as the cancer did spread to my pelvic lymph nodes I am at times fearing the worse! I'm also fearful of getting it checked out.. Not sure what to do? Best wishes to all! X

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  • Hello Mitch

    I think you should make a appointment to see your Dr, it is worrying you so please go and get some peace of mind ok?

    Sally x

  • Yeah, better to know than just let the mind run wild!

    Thanks mx

  • That`s my girl. Please go and let me know how you get on? x

  • Yes definitely, please get it checked out, it's the only way to get past the fear factor and it will really help you to know what it is.

    Good luck!


  • Many thanks for your words of encouragement. Drs appointment booked! Best Michelle

  • I think you should get it checked out. If it is not cancer your mind will be at peace, if it is cancer you can get it treated as soon as possible. However, of course it is your decision.

  • Thanks Jo-bo. Its a tricky one, as I don't want to react to every little thing but I will and have made an appointment. All the best

  • Hope your appointment goes well. There are lots of other reasons for lumps in the groin but I delayed going with a lump on my chest which was a recurrence so it is important to get everything checked out.

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