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My mom was diagnosed last December with PPC. Had a frozen pelvis, surgery was not a option for her. she did 9 rounds of chemo, finished on July 17.

Was supposed to have major debulking surgery on September 24, but cancelled now due to fluid showing up around her lungs on the right side, pleural effusion.

Now the surgery is cancelled, and we have to do chemo again.

Any one else have similar experience? Or know anything about this?

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I had a pleural effusion on my right lung so they gave me 3 sessions of chemo first, CT scan showed plueral effusion had cleared so had what they said was successful Interval Debulking surgery shortly after. I think they need to get rid of fluid first but as soon as gone will go ahead with op but they need to get rid of the fluid first. They said mine had cleared after chemo.


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