Ovarian cancer and scared

Hello everyone I had a full hysterectomy and sample taken out on 16th may they all came back with cancer in them... When I had my operation they tuck out all the cancer they could see with a naked eye...I start chemo in a couple weeks but they told me that chemo doesn't work aswell on low grade as it does on high grade..I'm trying to keep positive but it's hard..I have stage 3a1 1 low grade serous adenocarcinoma of the ovary has anyone had the same???xxx

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  • Ahh bless you I am waiting for surgery myself presently but I know the fear element I am sure some of the ladies on here will be able to share there experiences . Hope you find a way forward with some hope there is always hope ,,,stay strong and share we are stronger together xxx

  • Hello...I can't offer a similar experience to you I'm afraid as mine was high grade but just wanted to say that it sounds like your team are doing all the right things but you can ask for more information..you can also talk to the Overcome helpline (on Monday-they don't work weekends) that's a nurse specialist run helpline that can give you really up to date information about how your cancer is treated and all the options. I found them so reassuring in the early stages when I had so many questions.

    Anyway..try not to worry too much (I know it's hard). Lots of love L xx

  • Hi Sandra, I'm high range but it seems to be the usual full hysterectomy then Chemo,

    My family at the beginning was told I would not see the year out, near 3 years and I'm still going and still fighting on. You will find on this site a lot of our lovely ladies where told the same and are still fighting or NED it's normal to be scared I still have my days. I hope you have support but remember the ladies in this site to turn to, for advice and encouragement (always talk any advice over with your oncologist) in the good times and the bad. Sending you my best wishes Lorraine 💙💙

  • Thank you everyone I was having a bad day yesterday..I try keep positive on a good note when I had my operation they tuck all visible signs of cancer out so they tuck everything out they could see xxx

  • Hi I'm the same as you, except I am 3c. My surgery was more extensive. I lost my spleen and colon as well as them doing the total hysterectomy and omentum removed. Having optimal debulking with no visible disease is fab. More important than the chemo. Most of us have a low response to chemo. It does work but because the cells divide more slowly, less get zapped. But it will kill lurking cells that aren't visible. Stick with it.

    Have you had chemo yet. We are all different but I was ok. Days 1 and 2 steroids keep you ok with antisickness meds feeling grotty and tired days 3-5. Then started improving. Hopefully it will be the same for you but rest when you get tired and keep drinking.

    You will find low grade people on this forum with inspiring survival stories and advice & support when you feel low. X

  • Thanks for the reply no I start the chemo on the 20th June they are giving me carboplatin xxx

  • Take heart. I was the same as you. I too was told that Low grade supposedly doesn't respond as well to Chemo as high grade but I'm very grateful to still be here, ten years later.

    Wishing you well, Solange😊

  • Hi Sap 29

    I am pretty much same as you. Low grade but 3c. Had surgery may 12, chemo scheduled June 23. Am absolutely terrified.

    Lovely to connect with some one in same boat.

    Wishing you lots of luck during chemo and to get this crappy low grade away!


  • Hi Sap 29, just remember that you are not alone although it may feel like that sometimes. There are plenty of women who have gone through the same as you here and are fighting strong. Just to say, that an 'off' day and to feel petrified is completely normal. If you'd like to know a little bit more about chemo, I am blogging about my mum's experiences with chemo at the moment here: cancercarerchats.blogspot.c.... Her treatment also consists of carboplatin and paxlitaxel so you can see how she/ we have been getting on weekly. She has just had cycle #3. I always say, it's not easy, definitely not easy, but it's important to get to a place where everything is manageable which is where we are now.

    Best wishes, let us know how it goes.



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