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Fluid build up after Lymph node removal

Hi, has anyone experienced fluid build up post surgery? I have had hard swelling and pain for almost three months now. Three Doctors have assured me , no problem, however upon my insistence, I had a CT scan which revealed fluid in the abdomen. If this is a lymphatic blockage, could cause me big problems.

Due to start chemo next week, my oncologist says he us not worried about the fluid!!!

Am I worrying unduly?

Would appreciate advice from anyone who has experienced this xxx

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I had ascites in my abdomen and as soon as I started chemo. All went away they would drain you if they thought it needed to be, hope all go swell with your chemo.

Love Jenny xx


I have a friend who developed a lymphocele after lymph node removal. It apparently is common in abdominal debulking surgeries when several lymph nodes are removed ( look it up). It is a benign situation but her surgeon did insert a drain to assist in removing the fluid.

Don't know if her situation would pertain to yours but thought I would pass this along. . I had never heard of it before.

Good luck



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