Hi, just wondered if anyone has experience of Liposomal Doxorubicin for PPC. I am to start it in 3 weeks for 3rd line treatment. Only had 5-6months respite between others. My scan is unclear, hazy and I have just had nearly 4 litres drained from my abdomen. I am beginning to not feel as positive as I once was and wondered if The Carboplatin & Carbopltin & Taxol haven't worked very well is this going to be any better.


Sue x

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  • I only had a short remission and on my 3rd line now, can not tell how long what ever chemo. We are given some get longer on ones that not so long on others wishing you the best results and stay positive,

    Love Jenny xx

  • Thanks a lot for your reply, I do tell myself exactly what you have said but just sometimes wish so much that someone soon will find the right drug to help us all.

    All the best for a longer remission

    Love Sue

  • Hi Sue

    I had it four years ago along with carboplatin for the spread of my ovarian cancer. I found the side effects a lot more tolerable than carbo/taxol and it did give me 10 months remission.

    Good luck with your treatment.

    Best wishes


  • Thankyou Sharon for your kind reply. I will keep my fingers crossed it gives me a bit longer.

    Love Sue

  • I have just had 6 rounds of this drug, last one was 2nd July, had carbo and Taxol in 2008 and 2010, they told me this drug stays in the body longer, did not lose my hair this time, did find first 2 rounds made me feel a bit anxious and not in control of my emotions which I never had with carbo and Taxol, but when had the third round I was waiting for these feelings to kick in and they never did, I felt ok, tired but ok, they told me to watch out for my hands and feet, because this drug can cause what they call hand and foot syndrome, where some people experience reddening, pain, peeling and blisters, I did get a couple of small blisters on my fingers and one on one of my toes, had to be careful with hot water because skin slightly more sensitive to heat, tell your Dr if this happens, but other than the tiredness I sailed through the last 3 rounds, I made sure I put plenty of moisturiser on my hands so they wouldn't dry out, also made sure I took some bowel softener before chemo because after first one was very constipated, took it night before chemo and on morning of chemo, made a big difference second time around I'm not saying this is what you may experience but just giving you heads up, I still had the carbo with it though. Had my post check up Wednesday and they said scans showed cancer had shrunk and was stable, they are just giving me 3 monthly check ups again unless I get any symptoms they need to know about, I hope all goes well for you, stay positive and do what you want or can do, good luck. Jorja. P.S this drug is a red colour, they gave it to me after the carbo on the day not before which seemed to make a difference to the anxiety feeling of the first 2 months where they had given it to me before the carbo.

  • Thanks Jorja, will keep all your points in mind. I regularly take movicol as the bowel has always been troublesome and it seems to do the trick. Also take flaxseed which is good.

    All the best.


  • Hi I was on it for a short while earlier this year - one thing to really watch is reduction in white blood count level with doxy . On the plus side i did not lose my hair again which was great. Good luck and all best wishes for your treatment

    Big hugs


  • Thanks for your advice & would be nice not to loose my hair again so will keep fingers crossed.

    All the best.

    Love Sue

  • I shall be watching replies to your post as I am more or less in the same boat as you (5th line of treatment in my case over 4 years 8 months ) Sue

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