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Worried still

Test back here all I know. My cA 125 is normal but ultrasound shows big mass that was 1cm they first thought was scar tissue. Now mass is solid and it is 7.1cm by 3cm. It is bad I feel bloated and gassy and just nasty. Still no answer except Sept 3rd I have it removed. I know nothing more wish I did I am so lost no clue how to gain info when this is all I know...

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I believe your physician returns next week from Utah and you have an appt on the 31 st, correct? The waiting game is worrisome for all of us. You will have some answers or at least his opinions by then. Once you have surgery and the mass is biopsied you'll have a concrete diagnosis.

I know how scary it is to have symptoms and not feel well on top of everything. No matter what is brewing in your abdomen try to keep your state of mind calm (easier said than done). Try some deep breathing exercises, yoga (if able), meditation or some short low level walks.

Whether you know today or next week the anticipated outcome of your case there is nothing that can be done about it now. Many woman on this site have experienced wonderful outcomes and lead productive yrs. Having cancer is not always an immediate death sentence. And you have overcome thyroid cancer, I believe?

Ovarian Cancer is now being treated as a chronic condition. If your symptoms turn out to be the worse scenario, you go through surgery and treatment and pick yourself right back up. This is what we do. We never give up.

Will send some prayers your way.

'Be Fierce not Fearful'

Fondest regards


I wont be going to doctor on 31st. They called this morning this is results from the tests. Then they scheduled me for preop Aug 30th and Surgery Sept 3


Hit wrong spot sorry. Yes had 2 typs cancer in thyroid and cervical at 20 used hormon treatment boom gone. Then cancer again in 2010 and had hysterectomy kept ovaries. Less 2 yrs ago had a mass removed and on recheck saw scare tissue. Now it is a solid mass that if correct shaped like eggroll. I could be wrong that is mesurment I was given.


Hi, the waiting is the hard part unfortunately. Most of us on this site will have had to wait too. Personally I was eventually seen by a consultant as a private patient on 9/5/13, had to wait a week for private MRI scan, even after that he wouldn't be drawn, he just said to me "we need to see what surgery brings". I had surgery on 12 June13, and the following day he told me it was ovarian cancer and I needed chemotherapy. I was advised my staging about 3 weeks later at my first meeting with the medical oncologist.

Unfortunately you will just have tyo wait it out. I would advise you not to go lifting anything heavy in the meantime, you do not want your cyst to rupture! Try to keep busy as that will help to keep your mind off it. I managed to continue working right up to the weekend before I was admitted, I survived on painkillers, was exhausted at the end bof each days work and ended up in bed most nights by 7pm. I found this stopped me focusing on me! Mind you I was a medical secretary so wasn't doing heavy manual work. I also spoke to my line manager on 100 may and advised her of my consultation with the consultant as I wanted her to be aware of the situation.

Unfortunately there is nothing I can recommend you do about the gas, perhaps gaviscon might help. I truly feel for you as I know c what you are going through. I wish you well for your surgery a nd pray that it ius nothing sinister. Ann xo


I did reading and research like others suggested. I see CA 125 isnt very reliable. Also reading solid isnt good either. So see whay conflicting. Doctor said just that. Blood test was good but ctscan is worrysome...


I had a massive abdominal bloating which had to be drained, the fluid was full of cancer cells, a chest drain which was, again full of cancer cells, then another abdominal bloating which had to be drained. This took place over three weeks then I was put straight on to Chemotherapy for three cycles and told it had an 80% chance of working so had to wait nine weeks for CT scan and CA125 test, luckily it had worked and the tumours had shrunk from the size of a squashed football in my ovary to others on my abdomen, what they thought was in my chest did not alter so they said it must have been old scar tissue from an old illness. They did not know if they could operate but a brilliant surgeon in Nottingham said he could and got all of the cancer out by removing all of my womb, ovaries, fallopian tubes, omentum and peritonia (spellings?). I have gone from a CA125 reading of 6000 before chemotherapy to 500 before my operation and then after two more cycles of chemotherapy my reading is 31 with in the normal range of 0-35 and I am considered as now cured but I think remission and I am living with cancer but am ever hopeful for a long and bright future. I have just had my last chemotherapy yesterday but I will expect the effects to hit me later today but I will get through it and the only thing I can say you have to keep thinking positive throughout everything and not give up I had a very poor diagnosis at the start because it was at the top end of stage 4 and look how far I have manged to come. I have another blood test and CT scan before my next appointment on 11 August and then I will be seen every three months. I think the CT scan will be the confirmation I am looking for but I am still thinking positive because I feel I have no other choice.

I hope this has helped and I wish you the best of luck and try as hard as it may be to keep cheerful and positive.

My very best wishes in a difficult time.


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