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Hi first time posting here , I was wondering if anyone has had a similar experience.

I have gone through menopause , I'm 47 but had bleeding , also have swollen abdomen, nerve pain in legs, pelvic pain, lower back and particularly over left ovary area , also incontinent

I got a smear test and pelvic exam at the docs after telling her my symptoms and she discovered a polyp and a rough patch on cervix . Blood tests came back normal for c125 . That was a couple of days ago and I've just received the hospital letter for the gynecologist in 2 weeks time , doctor said she wants to refer me to them and to get a internal scan and abdomen scan . Worried now i have oviarian cancer which has moved to the cervix , should I be getting myself prepared for diagnose like this or will I find its nothing to be too worried about . Any similar experience good or bad please ? I am the kind of person who likes to hope for the best but prepare for the worst , thanks 😐

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Hi The fact that your CA125 is normal is good so hold that thought! What I would advise you to do for the next two weeks is stay away from google. Don't be tempted to google your symptoms etc you will literally drive yourself mad! Hold on to the normal CA125 and try to wait until you have your appointment. As you say you are a person who likes to hope for the best try to remain positive. (easier said than done sometimes!). Enjoy the lovely weather! Worrying won't change the results in 2 weeks time. Do let us know how you get on. Kathy xxx

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Spaced, you have done the right things seeing a dr, getting a CA125 test and soon getting a scan. Its very likely you could have a cyst or something. Your symptoms sound as if it could be many different things so try not to panic. If you do have a cyst or mass it could very easily be benign. Given your CA125 is normal things are already looking favorable. Just breathe deep and remind yourself you are on the path to answers and ruling things out as well.

Fingers crossed it's nothing too serious 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻


Anne 🌺🌸🌼


I agree with the other ladies it could be anything. Try not to worry about the scans, it could be a benign condition but your doctor is being proactive and that is the way we want it to be, doctors looking out for their patients. I have one of those too but they have to be sure. Wishing you all the best and try not to worry


Thank you for your responses x It has actually made me feel a bit better x I'll hold on to the positive and stop googling and continue to have a good time with my family enjoying the sun x Thank you xx


There will be plenty of time to worry if anything turns out to be malignant. It could easily be anything else.


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