Today is important

Yes I had a hysterectomy two and a half years ago, within a short time the cancer returned, a mass in my pelvic region and on the surface of my liver! Scared, of course, but with any problem the answer is to fight it and not give in.

I have a far greater knowledge of the meaning to live each day. None of us know when we are going to die and sometimes it's easy to waste the time we have.

For me I have been able to fulfill most of the things on my wish list. Visited Croatia, Italian Lakes, Norway, Giants Causeway in Northen Ireland. Drove to Scarborough and the Italian village in Wales. My next venture is to have a hot air balloon flight in August.

Think my greatest thing is to have seen my Grandaughter who was born in January, didn't think that would happen, now I want to survive to see her grow, even to see her first days at school.

My youngest son is Down Syndrome and he has bought pleasure to my life in many ways especially now that he is in a relationship with a lovely young lady who also has Downs. I would truly love to survive to see the two of them living together happily.

Oh, nearly forgot, joined U3A and participate in their ukulele group, such fun, totally recommend it, brings happiness when we sing and play as a group. Even supported a fund raising event for cancer research. Next is to learn bridge and join a humor group, I am told laughter is good for health so bring it on.

There is life after hearing bad news, just believe that today is to be lived.

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  • Thank you for a really inspirational post. It is great that you have managed to pack so much in to your new life. Wishing you and your family on going happiness.

    Millie xx

  • What a lovely post and happy anniversary to your hysterectomy xxxxAnn

  • Amazing post, full of life, love, laughter and courage. Thank you so much for sharing xxx Trish

  • Hi.

    Loved your post. So uplifted, very inspirated.

    Hugs, Fernanda

  • I had had bad news To day that my cancer is technically classed as stage 4 something to do with the fluid in my perineum reaching my lungs, plural infusion they said. They are still hoping to do my debulking surgery but will be a big op have CT scan tomorrow and see surgeon Thursday. Will then have 3 more chemo is the plan, had rash 2nd carboplatin/paclitaxel so just had carbo but have said they will give me an alternative to Taxol as well as Avastin. so scared but she said it will come back but they will do their best to put me in remission and keep me going as long as possible. would welcome any thoughts please Ladies xx

  • You have bad news to deal with and I can relate to what you say. From somewhere we find that strength to deal with our fears and to carry on.

    In my post I do not mention much about times when I have felt really scared and alone, believe me there have been many. Somehow, I trust you too will find among all the difficulties of this horrible disease that today is for living. I wish you well x

  • Thank you I am trying to put a positive perspective on my situation and I will live for Today as much as I possibly can x

  • This is tough to get your head round and I'll be thinking of you.

    Realising the likelihood of recurrence for OC is one of the hardest things. I was 1c at diagnosis, took that treatment in my stride, but was knocked for six when had first recurrence. At least you're forewarned, I suppose, I wasn't, though maybe ignorance is bliss.

    I think you'll probably get more replies (and there are many women - and some men - on here who'll be able to relate to what you're dealing with) if you write a separate post. This one's going to get lost in the upbeat thread!

    Staging at first diagnosis is done on the basis of whether or not features are present. There are many examples on here to show that what happens next is very varied.

    All the very best xxx

  • Thanks feeling a bit more positive Today, will try and take it a day at a time and not stress about what I do not know. think its so unfair that we are expected to be fed stuff that might happen to us and everyone else (who has not got cancer) lives in blissful ignorance.

  • You're absolutely right... one day at a time...

    I went to the Ovacome report launch at Parliament today.... what an inspiring collection of OC survivors there were at it....

    They'd all echo what you write, I think, but probably all, in a funny way, feel stronger for it... !

  • I really loved your uplifting and inspirational post, it so totally lifted me.

    Love Wendy xx

  • Really enjoyed reading your lovely post. Good luck with the ukulele. I strum mine a little bit and hope one day to see the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain live.

    Love Mary xx

  • Boy but you've done a lot in the last couple of years! Well done. Continue to enjoy life. Ann

  • What a lovely inspiring story you tell, so pleased to read this. I too have mass on pelvis with liver abd lung lesions. 6 years since my hysterectomy and the carboplatin shrunk pelvis mass but liver lesions worse after 3 cycles so trying caelyx! My grandson will be 2 in September and my only daughter is expecting again so I too want to fight! I wish you all the luck in the world. My wish list to see PyramIds, Tuts treasures, Bethlehem and Jerusalem, Vatican and Grand Canyon all reached but the will to live to see my new granchild is strong. Once again I hope everything goes well foryou, you deserve it and thankyou for putting on this positive post xxxx

  • I find your post truely inspirational. I have OC for a number of years and in between treatments return to work which helps to pay for breaks away. I havent been as adventurous as you but I find that I try not to let silly things bother me now. On my first recurrence, my sons partner was pregnant with twins but they lost them at 27 weeks. However, they went back and tried again and I have a grandson aged 3. At first I was afraid to love him or get close to him because I didnt want him to lose me. Three years later had another recurrence and am presently on Avastin and lucky to have it. I believe some parts of UK and Scotland are not open to this drug by NHS. I have returned to working very short hours and it is enough. I also try to embrace every day, some days I am not so good at it. As for holiday plans have ct scheduled for Thurs wont have result for a few week as consultant is on holidays. So when I know what the result is, I will plan some time off and travel a little. I understand with the Avastin it is dangerous to travel by air on a journed longer than two hours but I dont like long plane journeys anyway. I will sort something out nearer the time, my travel agent understands my predicament and always comes up with a destination. I can also holiday at home may be in Co Kerry in a nice relaxing hotel so there is always options. As my oncologist said recently, there is always hope and we should remember that.

  • Lovely post. very inspirational.

    Annette xxx

  • I loved your post MsLizD. Not everyone is lucky enough to have time to enjoy a good few years after diagnosis and I feel those of us who are fortunate may in some way be living the dream and living it on behalf of all women struck down by ovarian cancer.

    May your wish list continue. It will bring much joy to you, your family and friends, and to us here on this site.

    I'm interested in the humour thing. The Royal Marsden have some fundraising opportunities and one is to become a stand-up comic. I'm sorely tempted. Laughter is indeed a great tonic and medicine.

    Good luck and enjoy living the dream. xxx Annie

  • You are right, not everyone will survive to do what they may have wished for, in life we all travel different journeys. My point is the importance of the day. No one knows what is ahead with or without cancer. Today there will be someone who left home this morning, never to return. Thankfully we do not know what this day may bring, all anyone can do is just live it in the best possible way.

    Don't have a clue what the humor group will be doing, not even sure when it starts but think it will be fun.

    Good wishes

  • I have just pressed the recommend button but I hate the anonymity of it so just adding a little post to say it was me that recommended your post. I was particularly struck by your comment, 'Today there will be someone who left home this morning, never to return'. I shall never forget that. x

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