Wales' Official Ovarian Cancer Awareness Year - WOOCAY - Launch

Wales' Official Ovarian Cancer Awareness Year - WOOCAY - Launch

We are planning a spectacular event in Cardiff Civic Centre on Sunday 8 May which is World Ovarian Cancer Day. We shall be lighting up the City Hall Teal to launch Wales' Official Ovarian Cancer Awareness Year. One of the UK's foremost samba bands has offered us a free performance so the drums will be rolling as the lights turn teal. The event is being supported by the NHS, the Minister of Health and the women's groups who are supporting the campaign and who will be our communication route across Wales. We hope that WOOCAY will ensure every woman in Wales will have heard of Ovarian Cancer, she will know the symptoms to look for, and she will take action if necessary. 

One special group will be joining us. Our local guide company. They will be giving out 247 teal lanterns - one for every woman who lost her life to ovarian cancer in Wales in 2015. Most importantly though our Guides will be a heartwarming and joyful reminder that a cure for this disease is within grasp and that we expect the next generation of women will see this achieved within their lifetime. 

If you're in the Cardiff area that evening please join us: 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. City Hall, Cardiff Civic Centre, CF10 3ND

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  • Great work Annie


  • Brilliant Annie. Thanks for the post. It sounds amazing, wish I was there for it but alas Dublin certainly won't be as exciting !!!' X best wishes Trish

  • How are you getting on Trish. I dream of coming to Dublin. I've heard it's a brilliant city. Perhaps there'll be a teal light on that night somewhere in the city. xxx

  • Hi Annie,

    I will be there, is it a ticket event or can I just drop by? Hope you are keeping well, look forward to seeing you on the 8th:)


    Andrea xx

  • Hi Andrea - it's free of charge. There will be Welsh Rarebit to taste too which is yummy. Bring your friends. If you'd like to join the volunteers seek me out. We'll need a bit of help to distribute the lanterns. 

  • I'm happy to help, shall I find you on the day, or do you want me to do anything in preparation?


  • Ah!!!! I'm having a mild panic about producing 247 teal lanterns. I have a tendency to have an idea and then wonder how sensible or practical it is but things seem to work out OK in the end - and what a photo opportunity to drive the message home. 

    I thought it would be fun to have a makers' session in my house with some glue, some teal wool and balloons. I could provide any amount of tea and coffee and can guarantee a laugh and good company. 

    How crafty are you? lol xxxxx

  • Not very! But I'll have a go!

     Let me know the details:)


  • Will do!

  • hi anne , i will try my hardest to be threr xxx

  • Oh Wow I'd love to see you Jane. Don't come to Cardiff without getting in touch!!!!

  • i will for sure and look forward to seeing you xx

  • You amaze me Annie, you really do.  I so admire your drive.  If I was nearer I'd definitely attend. I hope the evening goes well.  All the very best.  Kathy xx

  • Ah thanks Kathy. I'm afraid my drive is about to extinguish - if it hasn't already. This is the last public event I've agreed to do and it was in fact a difficult decision because I'm not feeling particularly good but the NHS staff who are partners in WOOCAY weren't going to get on with it so I felt I had no choice but to make one last effort to get the year underway. 

    You could say I'm retiring from public duties with a flash and a bang thanks to an extremely helpful Events Officer at City Hall in Cardiff who has agreed to light up the building, and thanks to Samba Galêz who are going to make a lot of noise. lol  I think it's going to be a great evening. With a bit of luck everyone will be so fed up with the election the news will be pleased to have a different story.  xxxx

  • Hi Annie,

    Very well done for doing this and at a time when you need to focus all your energy on yourself. Many thanks for also giving out the little teal handbag awareness cards for me. Andy and I will all be with you there in our thoughts. Getting awareness out there is what it is all about. Love Gill xxx

  • It's thanks to you Gill for letting me have a big box of those amazing symptoms awareness handbags. I had a meeting with the three ovarian cancer charities today and handed one to each of them. Everyone said they are brilliant. 

    We've got a professional photographer free-of-charge to record the evening and another offer of a video recording from a drone. I can post up photos and a link to the video if it would be of interest. 

    xxx love Annie

  • I love the balloon idea - have you thought about sky lanterns?  I think they do a teal version -  A wonderful way of remembering all these women, you could attach some names.  Hope the evening goes well.  And that you have good times ahead, albeit slightly less strenuous.  Vx  

  • Hi V,

    I've just had a look at the Sky Lanterns website and you're right, they do beautiful Teal Coloured Lanterns. Imagine the impact of 247 floating teal lanterns in the sky! Apparently you can get into hot water letting off sky lanterns in the city centre so a friend suggested using balloons as a mould to make lanterns out of teal coloured wool which can be carried by the crowd. I haven't yet tried making a prototype but I'm hoping my neighbours will come in and help over a coffee and a chat.

    I have to say I am looking forward to my retirement after 8 May.  xxxx love Annie

  • Very impressive. Must have taken a lot of organisation. Well done!  

    Wish I could be there.


  • Well done Annie, you are truely inspirational to go and do this, I also notice you are getting some helpers and that pleases me.  I am sorry I am so far away but I will be with you in spirit.    You have done trojan work for awareness and treatment and I admire you.  I will of course be thinking of you on that day and all the ladies with this illness,   Do rest when you can.

  • There are women across the UK who work tirelessly to raise awareness of ovarian cancer and I've met many of them or read about them through this forum.  It is they who have inspired the idea of the Wales' Ovarian Cancer Awareness Year. We're doing what we can to make contact with everyone who is involved in awareness-raising in Wales, and to join it all up so we have a Wales-wide initiative - I guess on the principle that the whole will be more than the sum of the parts. 

    If there's anyone in Wales who'd like to join we have a Facebook Group to exchange ideas, share resources and set up joint events - it's a public group so everyone's free to join - Ovarian Cancer Awareness Wales. 

  • Amazing yet again...........xxxxxx

  • I wholeheartedly agree that you're amazing. Enjoy the event and I hope you have peace in your retirement!


  • Great to see you involved in another project, Annie.Sounds as though it will be a very enjoyable evening. Just wishing you good luck with the Event, especially weather wise!! Wish I lived near you, I would be really pleased to help making lanterns. Hope you get a prototype sorted soon.

     I like your new photo - your hair looks great!

    Love, Solange. 😄

  • Thank you Solange! There isn't too much to organise for this event. I'm really looking forward to it. xxxx

  • Amazing work Annie,  sincere wishes that it all goes to plan and you have a good night. Trix x

  • Thanks Trix. Luckily there aren't really too many plans to worry about with this event. The band turns up, the balloons turn up, the lights turn on, and we'll have a great evening. lol - there are a few more things to worry about but nothing too great really. xxx


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