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hi all im confused and concerned , as i have been sent for a ca 125 blood test and have to go for transabdominol examination next week

back in march i went for a MRI scan,( as i was feeling lots of preasure and dscomfort in lower back area) heard nothng until 2 weeks ago when i received blood form and note asking me to have CA 125 blood test, then i received appointment for next week to have transabdomanol examinaton. Just need to know why, nurse who took blood sample said that there was - - - - - cyst( she couldnt read first word) but no one has informed me of this, can anyone give me info please, good or not so good, its better to know. thank you

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Hi - I can't help you with any of the answers, but this doesn't sound like very good practice for you to be so unclear about who is asking for what and why and not giving you results. But it's good that you seem not to have been forgotten about.

I suggest you contact your GP who may be able to tell you about the MRI results and may be behind the other investigations.

We all tend to find it really helpful to make notes of questions as they occur to us so we remember to ask the doctor when we see her/him.

Also to take someone with us. This is especially important when we are very worried about something. It's very easy not to hear properly, or at all, what we're told (assuming we have been told something!). They can also ask questions about anything not clear to them or that they realise we've forgotten about.

Good luck with your tests.


Thank you for your reply



Have a look at our parent site On there you'll find a symptom tracker where you can record and print out symptoms (BEAT ovarian cancer) there are also lots of fact sheets (under the resources heading) where you can get more info about diagnosis, terms used and treatment options. It's a worrying time, waiting to know if there is anything sinister there, but early diagnosis is a key feature to success. I hope the info on the Ovacome site will help you to gather info and decide what to do next

Good luck

Love Wendy xx


Hi Wendy, ive just checked out symptom checker and its been very helpful, hoping to speak to my gp today, really need answers as so worried,thank you very much for replying. love Kay xxx


Hi there Kay

I am so sorry that you are going through this. It is sad but true that you really have to be your own advocate and if you have a test you often have to chase things yourself. This is very difficult for people .

As the other girls have said it's not acceptable to have a test and not know what question the doctors are asking. Please call your GP ASAP to check. Fingers crossed this is just a precaution and that all will be well.

Love and hugs to you xxx


thank you for you reply, called Gp again cant get phone appointment even, got to call back, will keep trying love and take care x kay x


Hi there! My CA125 was higher than the normal range too. Apparently, it does go up when you do have a cyst or Endometriosis like in my case. I remember my doctor telling me not to worry, that she had patients before who's value went up to thousands even. I had my cysts removed last week, finally. And true enough, it's benign. I can't convince you not to worry because who doesn't? It's okay to worry a little, we're just human anyway. Just be positive!

Hope everything will be okay after you meet with your GP or specialist. Good luck! :)


thank you for replying , wonderful news about your cysts being benign, just wsh i could get answers, take care xxx


I hope you will get answers soon... sending best wishes for a good outcome love x G x


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