Rollercoaster ride

Here we are again, trying to remain positive but feel extremely nervous this time. 4th recurrence in 4 years. Had 3 different types of chemo, Avastin and finished 5 weeks of radiotherapy last November, Scans were good I'm told apart from 1 small area at the original site Looking at op now. Normally Im quite upbeat, but finding it difficult today.

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  • Hi Michelle

    Is this op for a new recurrence? Xx

  • It is, I finished chemo last July and then Radiotherapy in November, Scans all ok NED in January, but now have a growth about the size of a marble I'm told. Apparently its just outside the border of where I had the radiotherapy, Bummer

  • Yes.. very much a bummer Michelle. Absolute rubbish. Do you think the op will sort it out? Love T xxx

  • I hope so, I thought the chemos and radiotherapy would before. Sorry to sound a bit down, I'm sure I will pick up again later today, just would like a break from worry.

  • You've every right to feel down. It must be a huge disappointment for you. Xx

  • Sorry to hear about that, Michelle. As Tina says, you've every right to feel down. Why don't you give Ruth or Susan a ring on 09453710554. They're the Ovacome support nurses and anyone I have heard from says they're brilliant at clearing your head when things are going round and round. I'm sure you'll pick yourself up again soon and get on with getting this op over and get rid of the ****** .

    Sending you a virtual hug (((xxx)))

    Love Wendy xx

  • Thanks Wendy, I may give it a try. I'm normally quite upbeat, not sure why so down this time, especially as I haven't got to go through dreaded chemo again and the Prof is being fairly positive.

  • You poor thing, i don't blame you in the slightest for feeling down.

  • Take care m x

  • Hi Michelle,

    Afraid I am in the same boat, due scan next week, then more chemo. not sure which combination yet. Mine will be 3rd line, only 1 year since starting my last diagnosis finished chemo last July. so only 8 months free knew it was back in November but on the wait and see program now feeling sick bloated and so tired all the time, I Had radiotherapy last month. And I really understand how you feel up one day down the next, I will be thinking of you take care.

    Love and Hugs Jenny xxx

  • Thanks Jenny, similar to me, I finished chemo last July, radiotherapy in October, all OK on the January scan but not this one. Good luck with your scan and chemo. Love and hugs to you also. xx