Friday Positives

Well today is Friday and there is a definite BRRRR in the air here. Sleety showers etc. My daughter has headed to London to see the Coronas in concert and refused to bring a coat. What can you say to a 33 year old, nothing really ? I took the dog out for a small walk and now going to chillax in front of the stove with a box of quality street and a good book. I wont eat all the sweets just the ones I like.

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  • Well that's nice. I went to my writers' group this morning. I'm going to have a sleep then do more on a quilt I'm making. I feel well(ish) at the moment which I'm very thankful for. Xxx

  • Sounds good I'm also a quilter, took up when first diagnosed and . Love it.

  • Friday Positives:

    A whole weekend with my hubby to look forward to. He works and runs his own business so weekends are very precious.

    A trip out on Saturday to a nice little Market Town 9 miles from Cardiff for some lunch and walk with the dog in the lovely Vale of Glamorgan and a mooch round the shops.

    Tonight I'm nice and warm and dry in my house. I don't envy your daughter without a mac in London Sue!

    xx love Annie

  • Sounds very cosy Suzuki , jealous if quality streets! I'm a serious chocoholic but taste affected by chemo at mo..although that hasn't been known to stop me . My hubby working all wend but Sus in law arrived to taje care if my boys . I'm lucky with support I have

    Enjoy the wend hearing about people with good quality of life having been through so much !

  • Sorry about typos ! Blooming I phone !

  • I am trying not to indulge so much as my cholestrol is high and on statins for that. I have got a bit of a cold but who hasnt at this time of year. Of course hubby is worse than me. Annie I could kill Grainne, she is just finished a course of antibiotics for a chest infection, she will just have to go an buy a jacket.

  • Good evening everyone, my Friday positive is that I'm having a party to celebrate my 50th in three weeks and I've finally found a dress....... Whoop, whoop !! It's nothing flashy, it's quite simple and covers my boobs and the tops of my arms so I'm happy love Kerry x

  • Well I got a dress at a bargain for the lad next doors wedding and came home and realised I didnt get an official invitation yet. I was told book accomodation near the venue but that is as far as the invitation has gone. The date is set for just after Xmas. You are right to go celebrate, you are only 50 once for heavens sake.

  • lol, I do love a bargain. I thought about having a party for my 50th three years ago when I was first diagnosed and then went off the idea. When I recurred earlier this year I thought s-d it I'm having a party and Im going to turn it into a fundraiser so that's the plan. I'm getting quite excited xx

  • That is one brilliant idea well done,

  • My positives today, Bacardi and coke is good for the soul :) Unbelievably I had to cry in pre-op assessment to get seen, but seen I was, my son came with me and considering he is seriously depressed to get out is a step forward.

    Love these threads

    LA xx

  • Well Lilly Anne that is the best positive you could have had yesterday. I hope your son will get out and about more often now.

  • I was asked to speak at the annual BRCA N.Ireland conference today and share my story. I had agreed quite a while ago and after feeling awful all week after chemo considered dodging it but after much deliberation right up to 2am decided to shake myself and go.

    I'm actually proud of myself that I managed to get all the way through without shedding a tear - struggled to get the last line out but stuttered on and almost ran back to my seat.

    Two positives - I made to the conference dressed and not looking I'll and got through the talk. Happy Friday for me.

    I'm now going to chill. Enjoy your weekend ladies xo

  • Good on you, that is a daunting task especially suffering the throes of chemo treatment, well done. I am sure you are pleased with yourself, do enjoy the weekend and rest.

  • I had a wobble in the morning, i wanted a day off from being me! Migraine for 5 days running (post Avastin), hearing aids digging in, fed up of constant cough drippy nose, sore throat and croaky voice and it seems like my hernia is back. Anyway, ended up having a lovely Friday. Dodged the hail storms for a blowy walk with the dog along Lytham St Anne's front. Pub tea with a spendid half of bitter (always was a cheap date) then snuggled down in the caravan with the rain pitter pattering down. Being me ended up being pretty okay.

  • Do you know really, from watching the news up to late last night, we are indeed lucky to have avoided the tragedy in Paris. What a terrible thing to happen to innocent people out enjoying themselves for the night. I wont comment anymore on this but it makes me grateful for what I have now.

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