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Borderline Tumours and Menopause

Hi new to site, I had surgery last July to remove two tumours, I had to have a total hysterectomy , this all happened so quickly it was all bit of a shock. After the surgery bit sore but didn't feel to bad. 5 weeks after my surgery we lost my mother in law suddenly, it was devastating for my husband and our son and myself. After the funeral the menopause symptoms really kicked in,, hot flushes and not sleeping, haven't had full nights sleep since surgery, and the mood swings, some days I don't even feel like getting out of bed but they are getting better. I used to suffer with migraines and these got worse so doctor put me on beta blockers which have helped ease them, doctor doesn't want me to take HRT. It's now nearly six months and some days I feel great then other days for no reason I have no get up and go and my tummy and bowel have started playing up, I go several days with nothing then tummy gets upset and bowel habits get bit loose ( sorry bit more info then you need), also my memory is terrible, is all this normal, I am 50 yrs old my tumours were borderline, oncology doctor said they we stage 2 and I am being monitored at moment. Thank you in advance

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Hi! The good news is that women with borderline tumours have a good rate of remission. If the symptoms are worrying you, you should maybe have a check with your CNS. There is a fact sheet about borderline OC on the Ovacome website ovacome.org.uk , under 'resources' However, it's normal to have a slow recovery from such a big op and the shock of diagnosis. Give yourself time.

I also had borderline OC and I still get migraines. I take 2 x 2 clonidine tablets daily and they also help the hot flushes as well as the migraines. I have Naratriptan to use when mine get bad. If your stomach and bowel symptoms are linked to anxiety they will not be helping the migraines, or it may be they need checking out with your Gynae nurse or doctor.

I hope you can resolve the problems you're having. All the best,

Love Wendy xx


Thanks Wendy for your reply, it helps to hear from other people. Doctor has put me on beta blockers to keep migraine at bay it has helped a bit only get mild headaches now. Take care x


I'm only a few years older than you & also had a borderline tumour removed, along with ovaries, womb, cervix, omentum & appendix. My op was 31 May last year, & I still have bowel problems. I had a twisted small bowel due to the op, & it caused problems whilst I was still in hospital - it seemed to sort itself out enough for things to go through me again, so they let me go home after a week. I find my intermittent bowel problems often seem food related; cabbage & cauliflower for example. I also blow up like a balloon sometimes (the American website HysterSisters often mentions this, so is worth looking at).

I am also a migraine sufferer. After many years of putting up with it, taking Naramig when I had to, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure, & the medication for this drastically reduced the number & severity of the migraines. But since my op, I had migraines again, so maybe that is something that happens, especially if the menopause is surgical, as ours is.

You also mentioned your memory has got bad. Yes, so has mine, & I used to be so good at remembering things! I have just got a Windows phone, so I can put reminders into it, & can see both work & personal diaries together, which has helped a bit, & I have post-it notes everywhere! I even have to make sure that I know the day & date at the beginning of every day, as I even lose that! I lost the whole summer term of school on sick leave last year, so I don't think that helped.

The emotional shock of everything is very much delayed, as I think it is the body's way of coping with things, & you have had extra to cope with, with your mother-in-law's death.

Hope this helps a bit, to know that you're not the only one going through it.

Helen xx


Hi Helen thanks for reply . I do think it has all hit me at once and must admit struggling at times with the menopause symptoms especially hot flushes and mood swings but am lucky have a very understanding husband. I still have rather large tummy is this normal. Thanks Sue x


Hi, Sue. I've just remembered the Hystersisters' term "swelly belly"! If it's really worrying you, then seek medical advice, but it does seem to be very common. Even when I had lost a lot of weight last year after the op (I hadn't been able to eat a lot because the tumour got very big & was pressing on everything), I still had to keep wearing bigger clothes to be comfortable round the middle. It often got (& still sometimes gets) worse by the evening.

I've found the URL for you:


Helen x


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