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What are the classic symptoms of peritonial and ovarian cancer & some uncommon symptoms as well?

My heart and prayers go out to each of you. You are all so brave. I have many of the symptoms and am waiting to have a ct scan done. My insurance would not pay for an MRI. I have been to several specialists for my symptoms (gyne, pc, gastro) & none of them have put my symptoms together, The gastro says its irritable bowel, etc. I am very interested in the early stage symptoms of those who have it and also uncommon symptoms if you have had those.

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Dear Suzyloo

These are worrying times for you if you feel you have some of the symptoms of ovarian cancer. I hope with all my heart that the CT scan and other tests can rule this out for you.

There is really good advice on the classic symptoms on the websites of the three London-based charities that support women with ovarian cancer. Ovacome, Target Ovarian Cancer and Ovarian Cancer Action. Its worth reading through these, and tomorrow you could ring the nurse-led line at Ovacome to talk about the symptoms. You'll find them really knowledgeable and supportive.

Common signs are one or more of the following;

Persistent bloating

Abdominal Pain - this might just be as minor as a scratchy feeling

Difficulty eating or feeling full quickly

Changes to urinary or bowel habits



Many women have few or no symptoms at all. My only concerns at first were loss of appetite and tiredness.

Hopefully your GP has organised a CA125 blood test which shows up proteins in the blood associated with ovarian cancer though this test can be inconclusive or be caused by something else altogether. I was referred for an ultrasound but the radiographer didn't pick up the problem. Luckily my GP persisted and I was referred to a gynaecologist who carried out an internal (transvaginal) scan which revealed the problem. It may be an MRI would not be appropriate and this is why your insurance company were not prepared to fund it.

I hope you find out what is at the root of your problems. Meanwhile keep posting and we'll do our best to help, and cheer you on. Please do let us know how you get on.

xx Annie


Exactly the same symptoms for Peritoneal cancer . The same things but expressed differently .................... tummy swelling to the point of looking pregnant , loss of appetite . Weight goes down a little ............... and then shoots up a lot . Yes insist on having a Ca 125 test .


Hi the uncommon symptoms I had were:

Struggling to straighten up when getting out of bed in the morning as it was uncomfortable and I had a heavy feeling in my abdomen.

Urgency to empty my bowels.

Pain in my shoulder when eating.

A watery discharge that would come and go.

I also had a couple of episodes of waking in the night with extreme pain in my abdomen, I would be violently sick and then feel as right as rain afterwards.

Good luck with the ct scan.


Yeah i had pains around shoulders - weird as now 4 months post op and non since!! thought it was sitting at desk- weird how so many 'symptoms' can be linked to other things though. When do you have your ct suzyloo? yes C125 think should be first thing too. Good luck and fingers crossed it's - if it is, I'm sure you'l find tremendous support here, - honestly know the hard part was before diagnosis as after i'd read all about ovarian cancer and knew in my heart that's what it was, but your mind just thinks the worst and your in a bit of limbo land. Good luck chic and take care xxx


Dear Suzyloo

If you look on the Ovacome site there is a symptom checker on there ('BEAT ovarian cancer with Ovacome) You can fill it in over a couple of weeks and print it out for your GP for him to refer you as quickly as possibly. On the site are also fact sheets with lots of info, under resources, and contact details for more info, including the nurse-led helpline.

My symptoms were real urgency with needing to empty my bowels, immediately after eating and I couldn't eat much at all. I also had a few episodes of feeling really faint and absolutely drained of energy in the two year period leading up to my eventual diagnosis. My GP kept telling me it was my job/ stress/ menopause/ anaemia.....

Good luck with getting things cleared up

Love Wendy xx


In my case there was only one symptom, little needling pains in different parts of my abdomen. The cancer was limited to the left ovary but the pains were here and there. The other advice on here is good. Do follow it up. I am told that delay in diagnosis is often the result of an irritable bowel syndrome red herring.

Good luck.


I have peritoneal cancer and symptoms have been bloating and abdominal pain. It took a while for my diagnosis too. I had a CT scan but actual dx was made by a biopsy.


Thank you to everyone. I never though my shoulder pain & bowel urgency after eating could have any relationship--now I know I need to go ahead with the ultrasound, etc. I have another question. I have been to my pcp, gastro & gyne doctors for symptoms--my next stop was going to be a urologist for my bladder pain. What is the best kind of specialist to get this diagnosed one way or another?


Hello Suzy, Welcome to these boards I found this site whilst waiting for my CT scan and found it invaluable.

Once you have your scan results, are they being sent to your GP?

If anything is suspect of cancer then you should ask you are referred to a gynaeoncolgist to review your case and to decide the best treatment for you. It could be your bladder issues are related what is happening, mine were, gosh I was weeing every couple of hours!

I had persistent indigestion, could not stop burping. Bowels had to go to loo quite urgently after eating, not every time though. I had a large 11cm cyst from my left ovary and was diagnosed with cancer but it was all contained within the ovary, on 11th December. I had an abdominal hysterectomy. The diagnosis was only made after the operation and all my bits were sent for testing.

Hope that has helped you,

Keep in touch x x


Langstonelady, Thank you for replying ! My GP gives me no comfort. He blames everything on my being overweight. It was the gyne who ordered the MRI (insurance would not pay for it) so I am going back to him. My symptoms seemed to clear for awhile--but he said to come back to get the ultasound and/or ct scan if they returned. In the mean time my bowel problems had really flared up-- (Gerd & IBS)--but the gastro ordered me more meds & assumed the pain in my bladder area was from the IBS. Nothing is ever easy for me--To complicate matters, I am scheduled for knee replacement surgery next week. So as my abdominal symptoms get worse, I may have to wait until I can get back on my feet from the surgery to go back to the gyne dr. I did not mention at the time I saw him about all my bowel symptoms thinking it was not connected. Please pray for me as I will for you all. And, I have one other question: which test is the most efficient in dx the ovary or peritoneal cancer?


Oh Suzy, you really are going through the mill aren't you, bless you. I am no medical expert and can only speak from my own experience re confirmed diagnosis and mine was after I had been operated on and my parts tested.

I would recommend you ring the Ovacome helpline as ladies before have suggested where you can talk in confidence, it may help you decide which path is best to push, what is right for you.

Carol x x

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You've been given such a lot of sound advice here Suzyloo... and welcome by the way. I too think it might be a good idea to ring the Ovacome helpline. I hope your next appoint with your gynae sheds more light on your situation. Love Tina xx


If it is suspected ovarian cancer the Gynae specialist will be best, a Gynae oncologist even better. The helpline number is 08453710554 and it's open from Mon to Fri, 10 to 5.

Good luck

W xx


I just wanted to report what is going on with me. I had scheduled an appt. with my gyne to have the ultrasound done (insurance would not cover the mri he had ordered). I had to cancel it. I had knee replacement surgery & what I thought was going to be a 2 week recovery, ended up being a month. I was so weak after the surgery from a UTI, low potassium & high blood sugars. They had to put me on insulin. I was going to go home but had to go into a nursing home for two weeks instead. I'm finally home with in home phy. therapy & nursing care. I must admit I feel better with my diabetes, low K & UTI being treated. I realized that the UTI was prob brewing for months...possibly the cause of some of my abdominal symptoms, though still having some of them. New knee is doing well so will be rescheduling my gyne appt. to get the ultrasound or cat scan. My pcp has no answer for the abdominal symptoms..he said maybe a sensitive bladder..he was more concerned with the fact the hospital dx me with diabetes & a low potassium & he did not :( I was on insulin coming home, but am on Metforium now. I am also going to schedule an appt. with a urologist as soon as possible to have a cysto done. I am sorry this is so long, but wanted to let you know what was going on with me. Thank you for the concern & prayers.


Thank you for the update, it is good news that it doesn't seem as if you have anything more sinister... and they have mostly got to the bottom of your onward and upward.

sending you my best wishes for successful treatment love x G x


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