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My question is about the ovarian cancer reoccurance symptoms and tests.

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After my total hysterectomy, I had the chance to talk with an ovarian cancer survivor who was sharring her experience with me. She had her cancer long ago, went through the operation and then a reoccurance and chemio and when I talked to her was well.

I was curious and asked how she knew that cancer reoccured. She said that abdominal burnings was the symptom due to cancer cell in her gastric juices. Her oncologist tested the gastric juice to confirm.

I have heard this idea of cancer cells in the gastric juice again when I went for Braca1 and Braca2 dna testing. I was told that if I have these abdominal burnings I should be checked so cancer is rulled out. Regretfully didn't discussed about which test though. Second vizit I tried to find out what test would be recommended in case of such symptom, but I was told that testing the gastric juice was unheard of by the genetisist.

However she did know about the gastric juice and cancer cells in it that can be a reoccurance even if the blood markers does not show it yet.

Now I am asking does anyone else know or experienced these symptoms and been checked for reoccurance by having pathology for circulatory cancer cells in the gastric juices?

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Hi Naomi, I haven't heard of a test for it, but it was one of the main symptoms I had prior to my initial diagnosis.i was at the docs every month for different meds none of which I have no rise in my ca markers when recurrence happens, it would be a useful test for me, and others whose markers don't change.

All the best


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I am a bit confused about your answer. Was this symptom of abdominal burning before your first time diagnosis(initial diagnosis - you say) of ovarian cancer or before first recurrence of it?

I am concerned about this symptom as recurrence.

Dear Naomi,

I was wondering what you mean by gastric juices, and whether you mean ascites (which is fluid in the abdomen) I have never heard of a test that is given for a recurrence, (other than a ca125 blood test followed by a CT scan) I have had a recurrence twice (i.e. ovarian cancer three times)

I have not had a burning sensation either... but I knew when it was back ( by having other symptoms)...

I don't know where you live but if you are in the UK you could give the Ovacome helpline a ring they might be able to explain this. Tel 0845 371 0554 or 0207 299 6650

Best wishes love x G x

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I had symptoms of gastric reflux prior to my initial diagnosis in October 2011 and then again last spring, accompanied by problems swallowing. This was investigated by endoscopy, during which they took samples for biopsy. Fortunately these proved negative, but yes, they were looking for possible recurrence. Do you think this might be what your acquaintance was referring to? Gastric reflux certainly does give a very strong sense of burning!

Best wishes,


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Oh Barbara,

That makes sense....I'd forgotten that I have had this too, you are right it does burn... but mine wasn't to do with a recurrence either.

Love x G x

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Coming from canadian sources: " symptoms such as heart burn, bowel problems or vaginal bleeding can signal a recurrence."

Why heart burn? What and how that has to do with ovarian ca recurrence?

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Sandra has terrible reflux and nothing seems to be helping the discomfort. We think its a mass putting pressure on the stomach xx

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I can only agree with the others that heart burn or reflux can be caused by too much pressure on your diaphragm...although I have had indigestion and ascites but wasn't the only symptom I got on recurrence.

There can be other reasons for this too ....If you are worried you should get it checked out. xx

An ascites building can cause heartburn or indigestion. The build up of fluid puts pressure on the diaphragm. Not everyone has ascites as symptom. I also had dry wretching. Was never sick but wretched from my boots.

I think you become more aware of what is going on once you have had a diagnosis of cancer. Before diagnosis we can attribute signs as other things, only after diagnosis does it make any sence.

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Thanks, i am trying to build the picture. So I gether from your answers that the burning doesnt come from gastric juices having circulatory cancer cellsin it, but rather a heartburn caused by the mechanical preassure on the diaphragm from a tumour or ascites.

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Well I haven’t heard about such symptoms related to Ovarian cancer. The most common symptoms include frequent bloating, pain in belly or pelvis, and urinary problems. To diagnose ovarian cancer, some tests done through tools present at ilexmedical, which include a biopsy, a physical exam, a pelvic and transvaginal ultrasound, and abdominal CT scan or MRI. However, if you are still not satisfied with the answers given on posts, then it is better to consult with your doctor rather than believing others.

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I am quite surprised to see a reply to an year long ago post. The question was about recurrence not first time diagnosis. I have never heard of such symptoms either so that is why I posted the question just in case someone had the same experience and can tell me more about it.

I have asked the doctors as well. CT and MRI and others sees recurrence when it is large not at the level of circulatory cells. In the mean time I found doctors that give such tests about circulatory cancer cells in the blood though not gastric juices, but the prices are far too high.

The opinion and experience of the fellow ovarian cancer patients is very valuable and I do believe them.

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