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Hello Everyone. What are the symptoms of ascites?

Just wanting to pick your brains as I suddenly became quite round-looking in the abdomen at the weekend and the bowels have been a bit - urr -- overactive, but not really diarrhea, plus lower back is aching. The surgeon said in June that my tumour had leaked, so presumably that was acites. I'm now 2 weeks after 2nd dose of carboplatin.

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Hi Pixinafix,

I would say ascites makes you feel swollen and very full....but I think you are better checking with you clinical nurse...as you have other symptoms as well..it is best to be sure or you could give Ruth Payne a ring tel 0845 371 0554 or 0207 299 6650 I am sure she will put your mind at rest best wishes love x G x :-)


Hi Gwyn

I'm back for dose 3 next week, so I'll ask then. Still well, enjoying the sunshine and walking around before feeling more inclined to be inactive again after next dose for a few days.

Love Christine x


When I had ascities it didn't affect my bowels but I had great difficulty eating. Could only manage small amounts of food. The swelling seemed to get worse as the day went on. Basically I still looked slim but looked like I might be 4 or 5 months pregnant! I think a Tumor rupturing is different from ascities, ascities is more like a accumulation of fluid from leaky blood vessels ( when new tumors form the blood vessels are not strong like regular ones and leak fluid). At least that is what I was told obviously I am not a doctor. Hope you carry on enjoying the sunshine x


Hello Heffmeister

Thanks for that. The explanaton about tumours forming is interesting. My appetite is huge, but, as with you, I'm slim but look like early pregnancy. Maybe I'm just getting fat after 60 years being slim.

My Physio thinks the backache is probably muscular, so she gave me a very thorough and at times painful, massage this morning.

Sunshine still excellent

Christine x


Hi pixinafix,

My final problem, and proof of ascities was when I couldn't reach to wipe my behind!!!!! Cutting toe nails was also a big problem. It came on slowly the first time, and breathing was very difficult, especially When walking around, so I spent my time sitting around, which didn't help. I think your problem should be referred to the medics,have you got a specialist nurse you could contact? Mine are very helpful.

Good luck



Hello Viv

My symptoms are nowhere near as bad as yours were, but I do seem to be developing a pregnant profile. The breathing is a bit iffy on walking, but still able to reach everywhere.

I've no specialist nurse, so I'll try the person who sees me before the next chemo.


Love Christine



thinkin of u... good luck



Hi there.... I can only say what my symptoms were when I had ascites. My abdomen was swollen and I began to have diarrhea occasionally and had the need to pass water more often. Eventually, I was taken into hospital with abdominal pain and the fluid was drained. I'm not sure what your doctor meant by leaking as a term. It all seems rather graphic and dramatic. The cells which look more or less like the original cells, the cancer cells I mean, can produce fluid in the abdomen but this fluid can be produced by other causes and it doesn't mean that because cancer was present that the current fluid was produced by it. It's what's called a differential diagnosis so far as I know. Presumably, your doctor carried out lots of tests. I hope you are feeling a lot better and feeling brighter...


Hello TinaB

Feeling very well, and thanks for info on fluid in abdomen. There are no other symptoms, so I'm wondering if I'm just getting fat as I've eaten a great deal since surgery in May.

I'm going to ask whoever I seebefore the next treatment.

Love ChristineXX


Can ascites occur in few weeks after surgery? My cancer is low grade by the way. But I am panicking - a bit swolen belly (maybe I am just getting fat?), cannot digest meat again (it was before the op).


Hi migiejulja,

This post is over two years old, the person that posted this is no longer with us (she has since died) in order not to cause upset I would suggest you only comment on recent posts, you can check this by checking the time span on the top righthand side of the post.

This person was a very good friend of ours on this forum, so it is distressing to see a new comment made on a post the deceased has written in the past, most of us are attempting to get on with our living, so to resurrect an old post by commenting is very upsetting.

I know though that this wasn't your intention and wish you well. Xx


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