My test results

10 mins before visiting my consultant came to my hospital bed and told me that i do have cancer but no Chemo will be needed because it was all contained in the ovary. Grade 1a stage 1. I will be checked every 3 months for the 1st year and every year for 5 .

What an amazing feeling and to greet my family with the biggest smile and happy tears and then all of us have tears together but of joy will be a moment i will never forget.

Work now can get stuffed and i will find the strength to tell them how morally wrong not just me

but everyone i have spoken tofeels how I have been managed.

Phew .

Lots of smiles and love and thanks


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  • Fantastic news, Carol.

    Remember to put your health first, and take care. It gets harder to do this as time goes by, but you have had a nasty brush with this horrible disease.

    Have a wonderful recovery and the future you want.

    Very best wishes,


  • What a great Christmas present.

    Plenty of rest, make a full recovery from your op then if you are up to it tackle your employment situation.

    Have a lovely holiday,

    Chris xx

  • Hi carol,

    That is amazing news:) you can concentrate on getting well now and having a great christmas,

    Im so pleased for you.

    Love and healing

    Andrea xx

  • Hi Carol... I'm absolutely delighted for you. It's good they're keeping an eye on you too. Love Tina xx

  • I was just thinking the the grade doesn't have an a attached to it... do you mean Stage 3a and Grade 1 which is low grade? Love Tina x x

  • I meant Stage 1a and Grade 1 x

  • Dear Carol

    This is absolutely wonderful news after what has been an ordeal with two visits to hospital - and your miserable employers. They should be ashamed of themselves.

    I'm sure your family celebrations will continue for a long time but you are guaranteed a wonderful Christmas after such a brush with a potentially lethal disease.

    Congratulations on your 1a. Let's hope you remain A1 for ever!

    Love, Annie xxxx

  • That's great news Carol.

    Have a fantastic Christmas.

    Sue xx

  • That's great news, mine was contained in the ovary too.

    Happy Christmas

    LA xx

  • That's wonderful news Carol. Absolutely delighted for you. Hope your luck has now turned.

    Love Mary xx

  • Great news Carol!

    Hope you heal up well and enjoy the festive period.


  • How absolutely wonderful, Carol! What a great result. I am so pleased, after all the worries of your op and afterwards. Mine was contained in the ovaries and omentum and I didn't need chemo. My op was eleven years and two days ago! Take care now, resting, getting over what has been a huge shock, physically and emotionally. Don't rush into anything just yet. Lots of pampering and treats! I hope you have many, many years of good health.

    Well done to you, your family and your medical team. Wishing you a very Happy Christmas and 2014,

    Love Wendy xx

  • Fantastic news! I'm so pleased for you and your loved ones, sending my love and very best wishes,

    Jacqui xxx

  • What fantastic news! You must be so pleased and relieved. What a lovely early xmas present (well, hospital stay aside). Congratulations.

    SA100 XXX

  • Wonderful news for you and your family, Carol - so pleased for you; you couldn't have a better Christmas pressy.

    Jill xx

  • That's great news, Carol- I was lucky they got all of mine out surgically and I didn't have to have chemo either!

    Have a brilliant Xmass!


    Anne xx

  • Great news , dy x

  • Brilliant news ,so pleased for you,have a wonderful Christmas and Best wishes for the new year.Sue xx

  • Wonderful news. Only a few of us get to join the cancer graduate club, but you passed with flying colours!!! Best wishes, Vxxx

  • Thank you all for your lovely comments so many of you routing for me . Wow. I am due home today if my pump continues to behave. Its fitted inside my wound to drain it and help heat quicker. It will b withme 24 7for me 2 weeks or so allowing time for the healingto do its job .

    Life is looking amazing right now

  • Great news Carol. I was stage 1a too, but clear cell. 2 years on and all is well but the experience sure gives you a different outlook on life which, in a very strange way, is one of the benefits of a cancer diagnosis when it's caught early.

    Enjoy the future.

    Linda xxx

  • So pleased for you Carol, let's hope you can now leave it all behind you. Take it easy and I'm sure the right job will be just around the corner. xxx

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