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Have my scan results in morning and my first oncology app. in nearly 8mths.! As i told you all before, I am supposed to be reviewed every 3mths. but because of a bag log I am only being seen now. My tumour marker is up so I phoned oncology myself and they sent me out app. for scan which I had to wait 6wks. for..Have to go to my grand daughters confirmation straight after results so whatever the news will have to put a face on it. Will let you all know how i go.x una

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  • Sending you my best wishes love x G x

  • Rubbish having to wait 6 weeks isn't it ... good luck for today ... x

  • Good luck Una, thinking of you this morning. Anxious time, especially if you have had to wait


    Sue xxx

  • Good Luck Una. Lots of positive vibes coming your way. Love Kerry xx

  • Dear Una

    I can't quite believe the catalogue of mistakes and disasters under your NHS in Belfast. How astonishing they didn't see you for 8 months until you rang them up - and then to be told you have to wait 6 weeks for a scan!

    I think you're far too nice. Please don't accept a long wait for a scan and possible treatment. My GP tells me over and over again that those who shout the loudest get the treatment first. Sometimes you need to put yourself first.

    Let us know how the results are. It would be good to sound off here before putting on a face at the confirmation ceremony. I'm just hoping the results are better than you expect so you can share your good news with everyone.

    Love Annie xxx

  • Good luck Una

    I really hope you get positive results and that you can get some answers, I would take the NICE guidance ref timescales with you and write to the chief exec at the hospital. Annie is right I think you are too nice, it's hard to shout and I am the same even though I should know better !

    Big hugs Amanda xx

  • Good luck, Una. You have my wholehearted sympathy and I'll be thinking of you. I know how you feel, I'm off to see my onco this afternoon for scan results. It'll be a very long, nerve racking wait as my appointment is quite late.

    Enjoy your granddaughter's Communion,

    Love, Solange

  • Good luck Una. Am thinking of you.

    Love Mary xx

  • Thinking of you Una, hope all goes well xxx


  • Got everything crossed for u Una. I go to hospital today for scan results after finishing first line treatment 4 wks ago. Really hoping for good news (obviously!) but don't know how I'll cope if the news is bad.

    Annette xxx

  • Good luck with that, Annette. I know how you feel.

    Eileen xx

  • Good luck, Una. Hope God bless you so you have good news with your exam.



  • Thinking of you xx

  • Good luck. Thinking of you.

    Eileen xx

  • Thinking of you and hoping that you have had some good news.. You have been treated very badly by your hospital. My radiologists have bent over backwards to get me scanned as soon as my oncologist requests it. Makes me feel very greatful for what I receive and sad that the standard is not universal.

    love Sue x

  • Thank you everyone for your kind words. The scan showed I had small tumours on outside of liver and couple of small ones over left diaphram and down left side. the biggest one is only 17millimetres. I was delighted as oncoligist said because I am in no pain and they are small, they will leave me and rescan me in 3mths.If during this time, I notice any discomfort, , I have to ring them and they will bring app. forward. I am so thrilled, as that will make it 10mths from my last chemo which is the longest remission up to date for me. I hope the rest of you got some good news as well.I really do feel that the alternative medicine i have been taking has bought me the extra time.Thank you all. I am having photo shoot taken on thursday with health minister and health committee to highlight world ovarian cancer day on the 8th. may, the first world day set apart for our disease ever.The ovarian cancer health campaign will start after the summer as well. I am so thrilled at the outcome as it will save so many future generations from this awful disease.Onwards and upwards I say!! una xx

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