been back to newcastle today

hi ladies.. sorry i have not been in touch for the last two weeks.. i went to newcastle on the friday, but i knew that the bottom half of my neck was slightly swollen.... (when it came back afta my first chemo, just abt where my lympth gland.. had that growth) he took my blood ... and said he would arrange a scan, i got word on monday... to go the next day on the tuesday to go to the rvi at newcastle for the scan.. (by then panic had really set in..) andy was off all that week (my oncologist).. he came in on monday and i thought i cant wait.. so i got my blood results off his secretary... they were 10 so that was great... but she said she hadnt got my scan results and andy wasnt available... and to go this friday (today) and ,........ he said the swelling on my neck was nothing to worry abt the lymph glands in my throat and neck where the cancer had cum back.... was clear....yipeeee.... i gave him the biggest hug... ive to go back in 8 weeks for another check up... but i am so relieved, beause every time ive gone back my ca has risen, or my lymph glands has grown... i thank god that this time things were ok... i just couldnt speak text write.. anything abt these appts, ive been so firghtened abt the swelling, i felt sick... but.. for now things ok.. i will live to fight another day...

thank u all so so so much for ur support when ive wrote things

luv and best wishes to u all

shen x

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  • Hi Shen,

    I am so glad that you have had good news... and for sharing this must have been such a worry for you..have a good weekend..thinking of you and sending love and best wishes x G x :-)

  • hi gwyn

    i am so relieved, i know that there will be other check ups in the future, but im enjoying today.. thank u fr ur mess... i must really learn to do ur smiley faces...haha i luv them..

    thinkin of u too enjoy the sunshine while its here..

    luv shen x

  • Hi Shen,

    Smiley face coming press : then this - and this ) so together you press

    : - ) but without spaces then when you press the reply button it turns into a smiley face like :-)

  • Hi Shen,

    Really pleased for you. I can imagine how relieved you must be. Enjoy your weekend & look forward to happy days.

    Lots of love X :-)

  • Hi Shen

    Great news, keep goin. I also go to Newcastle, The Freeman where Dr Dark has taken good care of me since 2007. Had several scary moments but his laid back way can calm things down somewhat. (sometimes he infuriates me too cause I go expecting him to tell me one thing & he tells me the opposite). I had & have a bleak prognosis but he seems to have had the ability to have kept me alive these past free years for which I'm grateful.

    Keep being positive Shen, yr goin to a great group of teaching hospitals with loads of trials available. The staff never seem to give up on patients.

    Good luck

    Maz x

  • It must be such a huge relief for you - so glad it has turned out well.

    8-) Monique

  • Shen, so glad to hear your news. Hope you can now focus on getting the best out of life for a while... and enjoy the good weather!



  • Hi Shen, so sorry you have had to go through this worry, I know how it feels to be too afraid to talk about it, going through something similar. So pleased to hear the outcome, you are in good hands, lots of love Diane :-) xxx

  • Hi Shen

    This must have been a terrible worry for you , but is fantastic news. It sounds as if you have very good care.

    Thanks for posting, stories like yours are brilliant to read.

    Take care


    Charlie xxx

  • Dear Shen, you've been through a terrible time but it seems things are looking well for you now. I'm really pleased you can put it all behind you and enjoy your remission. It's good we have each other to share these things.

    lots of love xx Annie

  • Sorry you were so scared, we all know what thats like. So pleased the news turned out good. Enjoy the lovely weather and relax. x

  • Ayah, Shen! I am so pleased. I only just got back from a week away, so I couldn't get in touch. I am so pleased that the news is good for you. Keep smiling :-)

    Love Wendy xx B-)

  • hi

    thank u al so so so ... much for ur best wishes, had a lovely weekedn, ( my husband and i must be crackers we took the grandchildren to the lake district on our own, didnt have time tothink, it was hetic, but so fantastic to think that yes... i might still have a lofe yet, an di need to get more motivated and be more active and do things.... instead of sitting in the dark p;lace ive been in...ur ladies are a true inspiration... thank u so much

    may u all be well and god bless u all


    shen x

  • oppps... i stupid.. haha..i meant to say i might still have a life... my eyesight is getting worse

    take care


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