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Enlarged ovary

I just had laparoscopic assisted vaginal hysterectomy on 11/20. My Dr planned on taking uterus and cervix. My right ovary had fallen to the pelvic floor and he said he'd try to repair it but possibility of removing it wouldn't know until he got in there to look. I wondered if it fell due to having the tube removed from that ovary about 6 years ago he removed it because there was fluid in it and it was swollen. Anyway when I woke up from surgery I wanted to know first thing if my right ovary was saved. I was told it was. Then later after leaving recovery the nurse said my left ovary was removed. I was shocked because never was there anything .mentioned about my left ovary. When I seen my Dr the next day he said it was enlarged and was worse than the right ovary. Now after being home and searching causes of enlarged ovary I'm so worried. I will see my Dr again on 12/9 for 2 week follow up with lots of questions. I was wondering if there are specific things I need to ask. Any advice from you ladies? May God bless you all. My heart breaks reading about what you all have gone through.

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