Ovary and fallopian removal ??

I had this done 8 days ago, Laparoscopy, 4 wounds, the right would is so sore and the right side still very painful. The ovary removed was the left!

The bruising this side was awful, and worse than the others. I was fortunate that I didnt really have any trapped wind others talk about, and the pain I had was manageable, but this pain now is not nice, Im still taking painkillers and putting hot water bottle onit. It is red immediatly around the wound but that hasnt spread, doesnt seem infected to me.

Oh I am feel bloated still, feel at times like I have a bag of rocks in my tummy lol

does it all sound pretty normal?!!

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  • Ouch, I remember post-operative days and the various pains. They can really get you down. I think if I was worried about healing I'd ring the Clinical Specialist Nurse at the hospital to ask whether she thinks these symptoms are to be expected. I was told to walk every day and gradually increase it until I was walking about an hour a day. Apparently it's really good for helping to heal the site of the surgery and if there's still trapped wind it helps with that too. Obviously only my experience and advice from my local centre.

    Let's hope you get other replies that help to reassure you or point you in the best direction.

    Loads of love xx Annie

  • thanks so much. have been out each day since day 4, a tiny tiny walk day 4!! Havent been in as much pain today . Am at the hospital Monday for follow up and results :( dreading it

  • Do get this checked! After my debulking op I had excruciating pain but no obvious redness and thought it was "normal" I ended up with abscesses and on IV antibiotics and blood transfusions in hospital for a week. It will also interfere with any chemo as they will not give that if you have infection.

    Stoicism is all very well but not necessary!

    Let us know how you get on!


  • thanks, have not been too painful toay, the wounds are still sore, still feel bloated at times. A friend used to be a nurse and she didnt think there was any infection xxx

  • Thinking is fine! My GP thought there was no infection either, because the wound looked OK! The infection was internal! One burrst through the vagina (most unpleasant) the other erupted throuugh the scar! It was like Mount St Helens and I felt like s**t! Riing the hospital - you should have a number to call if feeling ill! Use it! Do not try to self diagnose! If there is no infection no harm ddone if there is the quicker it is dealt with the better!


  • lol sorry should have said she said there is no infection. from what she saw. I have felt ok today, apart from maybe done too much, but I havent had painkillers, the wounds are not red. Obviously I still have pain but I now know that can be quite normal, thanks so much for your advice and if I think they look any worse instead of continuing to improve I will get them checked. Also at the hospital on Monday for post op and results :)

  • sounds like you had an awful time :(

  • Just remember to tell them on Monday!

  • I will do,they must be going to look at the wounds also. Thanks Margaret

  • I don't know your history so I am not sure if you have a problem or if you had them removed as a precaution. I am a BRCA1 carrier and had my ovaries and tubes removed as a precaution. I was very tired for about a week and quite out of it but not in pain , just a little sore. By the time a week had passed, I really felt fine. Everyone is different ad if you are I'll, it may be different , but, I would ask the nurse or doctor. Hope it all turns out to be fine!!

  • had ovary and fallopian tube tube removed as had a complex cyst in ovary. have been monitered for 18 months :o with each person saying different things each time I went for scans, CA125, etc etc

  • Hi, have you tried arnica homeopathic remedy,best results if you take it 1 week before op and 2-3 weeks post, specific for deep muscle trauma, and shock to the body, best wishes maxine x

  • no I havent, thanks

  • I would get checked by a nurse or doctor, & they will advise.


  • thank you

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