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Felling low:( and can't handle this night sweats any more

Hi again..

Since my last operation I've been feeling really positive... But then...

Got my results back Monday and was a good out come so far..

Everything they removed.. My ovaries amd tubes all come back just boarder line cancer which I'm over the moon about.. But they couldn't tell me all my results as they werent all back yet. When doing my operation they also removed for fat tissue from the top of my stomach and that has come back with pre cancerous cells.. They said they think it just pre cancerous cell and that they are just sitting there not causing any problem.. But they have sent them of for further lab testing, and if it is what they think then they will just leave them be and monitor them. But if it comes back that the are invading my fat tissue they have advised me that the best thing for me to do is to have some chemo. im so scared about it.. ill find those results of this Friday and take it from there..

I can safly say my menopause has started but mainly get my flush at night causing night sweats.. They want give me any hormone replacements until all my results are back.. Poor hubby has to freeze with all the windows in the house open.. I can't remember the last time I had a full nights sleep.. Maybe that's why I'm feeling so low?

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Dear Belle,

I really do empathise with the symptoms of surgical menopause, it all happens at once, the sweating is so awful, it so often makes me feel so ill. I sleep with a ceiling fan above my bed and a sheet covering over me, even our 4 tog duvet is too warm and this flipping hot weather just makes it all 100 times worse. But hang in there girl, it won't be forever. My GP said we may suffer with these for up to 5 years, which feels a ruddy life time after a cancer diagnosis. Just keep telling yourself, you are alive, it sure does make it easier. I would not even go the HRT route even if I could, whay too risky, a hot sweaty body may feel terribly dibilitating but it hasto be better than cancer. Love and hugs from another melting menopausal wreck xxx

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Hi Belle

Mine was borderline, too, they removed the fatty layer (omentum) from me too, where there were cancerous cells, as well as in both ovaries, I had horrible hot flushes and sweats too, but only after the HRT implants that they put in during my op, wore off. I have learned to manage them. I take soya isoflavones and use a magnet in my knickers, called a 'Ladycare' magnet ( from larger branches of Boots and some Waitrose) the magnet gave me almost immediate relief. It was recommended by the consultant at the menopause clinic at the hospital, so i feel it is safe, although there has been some debate on here and on the Internet about it.

The great news is that borderline cancer rarely recurs. I am still well after ten years. The psychological aspects of the diagnosis and treatment take a while to work out. I still panic whenever I have any weird symptoms, I still wonder if......I don't think any of us come through this without a sense of the fragility of life. However, you are here. Your family and friends will be so relieved, you will work out how to manage your chemo, sweats and other symptoms. If there is anything I can help with, send me a PM, or I can let you know my email. Stay with it! You've come a long way, you'll make it!

Love Wendy xx

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A water spray by the bedside makes the fan feel like a lovely icy could also try ice packs (the picnic box kind) at night. I so empathise too, its not fun. Stupid me had not even thought about the surgical menopause so it all came as a nasty surprise but it does calm down, I was surprised how fast it abated - to a manageable level, at least. It is debilitating and quite depressing while you get through this bit though, don't expect too much of yourself. The hormone levels have just plummeted and I reckon this accounts for much of the low feeling but I also would recommend avoiding HRT even though you were borderline - many OCs are hormone triggered and they don't yet fully understand which or how. As for the rest: face it when you know, there's nothing to be gained from anticipating. If you need chemo, you will cope because it is the only option, and you will surprise yourself by doing so, I promise. And we will be here


Sue xxx


I really sympathise, I had menopause from hell symptoms that stopped after my round of chemo. They are on the return now, I think.

I wouldn't take HRT, I lay in bed with a wet cold flannel on my head and all the windows open which made me unpopular with hubby. I tried menopace but it was yukky, I had a small bedside fan and icy drinks by the bed. I don't think there is much you can do in the long term, but you may find that they settle down once your body is over the shock.

Sending you a hug and sympathy

LA xx


I can well understand how you are feeling. To have this cancer and lose your entire reproductive system at your age is a huge shock - we all struggle to come to terms with the diagnosis and most of us are in our 40s or older. Your hospital might have a counselling/psychology service for cancer patients, if they do ask for an appointment asap, if not ask you GP to refer you. Ovacome runs a support group for younger women in London, if you are not in London it might help to join a cancer support group closer to where you live. There is also a charity specifically for young women who have had treatment that destroys their fertility that can help - I will post the name when I find it, but maybe someone else or Ovacome will have the details. The Ovacome number is 0845 371 0554.

Also, you could discuss whether antidepressants would help with your GP - many of us have taken a course at some point during treatment, some women stay on them for years after diagnosis.

As for the hot flushes, this is something we all endure but there are some effective medical treatments that can help. Either your GP or a menopause specialist can help - I would suggest you ask to see a menopause specialist but get a prescription from your GP until the appointment comes through. The paradox here is that certain anti-depressants help with hot flushes, so one prescription might help with both your problems.

The suggestions above are good, but I had to use medication to cope.

Finally, when you feel panic coming on, hold onto the fact that your cancer is borderline, and the prognosis for women with borderline disease is very good. Take a step at a time, get all the help that you need, and you will get through.

With best wishes, Cx


Hi Belle

I had my ovaries removed 13/7 and the Menopause started with a vengeance. I was getting sweats several times in the day as well as at night initially. It was just pouring down my neck and my t shirt looked like I had spilled a drink down the front. It has eased off quite a lot already but I am still not sleeping well yet. I have started taking lots of herbal supplements that are supposed to ease the menopause but can't be sure if these have eased the symptoms or if they would have calmed down anyway. Have had a few down moments too where I just sit and cry for no good reason (weird).

You are a lot younger than I am though, and you need some expert advice about what is best for your situation as Osteoporosis is a real concern in the long term.


x x x


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