Borderline Cells in Ovary and Uterus

Just left the doctor's office and I'm feeling a little terrified. I had an ovary with cyst removed last week and a D&C. Biopsy results came back with borderline malignant cells. They are sending it to Mayo Clinic for a second opinion.

What does this mean? Is it cancer?

The doctor is telling me not to worry until the final reports come in, but I'm truly scared.

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  • Was exactly where you are on sept13. I was diagnosed with a borderline muciious tumor. There is much debate on whether it is a cancer or like pre cancerous cells. They are usually found in early stage opposes to true ovarian cancer that by the time of diagnosed is at stage 3/4. In most cases the prognosis of a borderline tumor is excellent. You may need to have further surgery but chemotherapy is rarely used. Any more questions I’ll answer them

  • Thank you for replying, Froebel. Unfortunately, the Mayo Clinic report is showing I have cancer. I'm still hoping this is early enough stage to be a good prognosis, but right now I am terrified. I've never been this scared before.

  • I know how you feel. The waiting is the hardest part. You say they found cancer cells but you didn’t say what kind of cancer. Are you still waiting for biopsy results? You said at first they found borderline cells. Did you have an ovary removed or just the cyst? I don’t know if I can help but I am here if you need a sounding board. Nobody should be alone during the time.

  • I had my ovary removed (with cyst) and a D & C. Biopsy results came back with "clear cell carcinoma in a borderline clear cell tumor"(whatever that means). They also found atypical clear cell change on my uterus. I meet with an oncologist next Friday, who I'm sure can explain it all to me. Just nervous and hoping for it to be caught early enough for a good prognosis.

  • Focus on the borderline part of the diagnosis. Borderline is generally good. Atypical cells in the uterus also does not mean cancer yet. Has your doctor talked about a total hysterectomy. When they removed the ovary did they get a good look at the remaining ovary? Taking the advice from the doctor not to worry I know is impossible. Focus on one day or even one hour at a time,

  • She did mention a total hysterectomy, which I'm all for. The other ovary looked normal when they were in there. That's why they left it. I'm trying to stay calm for now.

  • Other ovary clear is a positive sign. The same thing happened to me. My first operation was to remove right ovary and they didn’t find anything in my left. But because I had a borderline mucuious tumor he said I needed a complete hysterectomy. Been 3 weeks since hysterectomy feeling quite well. Focus on your health. I don’t know if you are in a lot of pain but walking helped tremendously. Clears your head and it will make you stronger for any operation you may need.

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