Zonking great blister on my big toe when I'm going on holiday on Tuesday....typical!

Yes, Murphy's Law strikes again! Having had no problems last month, I came up with an enormous blister on the inside of my big toe this week....this was after having caught the side of my other foot under the door and removing a ton of skin, all just before we go away in the caravan for the first time next Tuesday. Ain't that typical! I restarted the vitamin B6 yesterday in the hope that as the last time I got a blister it went down a few days after taking the B6, that it was the "cure" and works fast now! I'm hobbling around barefoot around the house, and in crocs outside.....I've not had to drive anywhere this week, fortunately we only live around 2 miles from the station and my daughter doesn't mind walking their so she can meet up with her friends!



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  • Hi, Chris.

    Hope your foot heals quickly so you can go to your travel without any problem.

    Hugs, Fernanda

  • Dear Chris

    I hope you get away in your caravan on Tuesday and the blister has healed by then. The accident with the door sounded rather nasty. A good holiday will be perfect to rest and recuperate. xxxx love Annie

  • Poor you blisters are so painful, hope all healed up before your trips,love Jennyxxx

  • Good excuse for sitting outside and relaxing chris, are you off somewhere nice? Think of me having my lung done again next week..... Thinking I'd rather be with you.

    Have a good time despite the blister.

    Love n hugs


  • Thanks, I agree, lung drains are not nice, its adding insult to injury that you've got your perminent drain in, then have to have the lung done! The pleurodesis (however you spell it) is still holding out for me, perhaps they'll suggest it for you?

    We're going to the New Forest again, a nice quiet campsite we looked at when we were there in June. Elizabeth goes to France on Monday (grandparents) so it's just me and John. We thought we wouldn't go too far as its out first trip in the caravan.....Devon or Cornwall a bit much this time!

    Love n hugs


  • Hi Chris

    Have you tried the blister plasters? You leave them on until they start to come off on their own and the blister is usually healed. I find them excellent.


    Jean. Xxxx

  • Not heard of those, but I am allergic to certain dressings & plasters.....I come out in blisters! That really would be adding insult to injury! Thanks for the suggestion though!


  • Hi Chris

    makes me shiver thinking about it!! I bet the air was Blue!!

    I hope it heals before you go off, Crocs are good there is a lots of room in them, Enjoy your holiday.

    Jean thanks for the tip I will look out for them.

    Regards Barbara

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