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Stage 3C treatment successful but CA125 still raised

Hi, I was diagnosed with stage 3C last April, spread to diaphragm, surface of liver and omentum. I had 3 rounds of chemo, surgery, 3 more rounds of chemo. My CA went down to 33 after this but on the first three month check was up to 47. I am to have monthly checks to monitor, has anyone else had this? Especially has anyone had CA125 raised slightly like this and then fallen again to normal? I had a follow up monthly blood test today and will get the results next Tuesday.

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I must admit when mine start going up they carry on..... Monthly checks are regular if you have a problem, then can deal with it straight away. The normal CA125 level is below 30 so my oncologist told me, so above that they keep a wary eye.

I had op for stage 3 in July 2007, and since then things have been up and down, with only 12 months real remission.

Good luck



I have just had my last test result, no signficant change, it was 47 last month, 49 this, next test in 6 weeks time. Has anyone had a raised level that stayed stable?


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