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Can anyone help me with an explanation of low platlets?

Had Ovarian Cancer in April 1997 with surgery & chemo & it returned on same site in April 2007 with further surgery & chemo. Have felt well over the last 2 years & am now on 4 monthly hospital check-ups. My CA 125 is at 10 (great) but since beginning February my platelets had dropped to 119 (should be between 150 - 450). They then dropped to 106, then 93, then 88 & are now on 80. Dr is concerned & arranging a CT scan to see if there is anything going on & I'm being monitored 2 weekly, if they get much lower they are talking about sending me to haematology. White cell count is slightly down but I feel well with reasonably good energy & eating well. I am 72 & still teaching fitness & exercise & dancing to the 60 plus so cannot fathom out what is happening. My own GP & oncologist cannot give me any answers. Anyone out there got any ideas?

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Hi, the uncertainty of it probably seems confusing, especially as your "GP and oncologist cannot" give you answers. The fact that you are " 72 & still teaching fitness & exercise & dancing to the 60 plus"---well, GOOD for you! That is definitely positive.

Impaired platelet production can be due to numerous reasons; it could be metabolic reasons such as shortage of vitamin B12 or folic acid. I feel sure your medical team are investigating as best they can; the CT scan will provide useful information. Please take care of yourself and continue doing with what you enjoy.


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