There was a post a while ago from a GP who had ovarian cancer and a link to an item about Aspirin/Ibroufen saying that ladies with OC should be on a 75mg Aspirin or Ibroufen on a daily basis. I saw my GP last week and spoke to her about it but she hadn't heard of it and said that she would require my oncologist to sanction it. I said I would look back on my healthUnlocked and print a copy for her.

Can you help as I cannot find it. I tried searching Aspirin/Ibroufen but to no avail.

By the way to all you lovely ladies out there. This year (April) I have survived 19 yrs.

It came back December 2015 for the 4th time, had investigative surgery on 18th December but unfortunately cannot do anything for me so my Professor at the Beatson decided to try Radiotheray and I just had word 2 weeks ago that CT scan shows a reduction by half with the new tumour. You might remember me from "Surprise, Surprise" with Holly Willoughby in 2014 dancing an Argentine Tango with Vincent & Flavia & they brought my Brother over from Ausrtralia to surprise me.

I read all your blogs faithfully and wouldn't want to be without Ovacome, you are all fantastic on this site. God bless you all. I send you hugs & more hugs.

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  • Wow that's just what I needed to read 18 years you are brilliant and I'm so pleased that the radiotherapy was effective! Xx

  • Hi Flower, I am glad you posted, the blogs are written by Eileen who goes under the name of drdu. Apparently she is a retired gp and doing well on the ibuprofen. She also takes a preventative to stop stomach irritation. My onc wouldnt agree on this or the Metaformin. I must however say it to my gp and see what is his thoughts on it. You are doing extremely well to have come this far. Hope this helps best wishes

  • Hi Flower. If you put ibruprofen in search I think you will bring up some of the the messages. Think it might be ' Drdu ' that writes about it. Well done on 19 years


  • I have just started with aspirin with my Oncologists approval. She said although the evidence is patchy it couldn't do any harm so why not! Thanks for telling us about 19 years, was feeling quite down this morning, you have really cheered me up xx

  • 19 years is fab & just what we all need to hear. If u think it will help, & there does seem to be evidence, check with another GP. How about yr oncologist?

  • I'm currently reading a book and it talks about inflammation going hand in hand with cancer and it mentioned that's why they think some anti-inflammatory drugs (like ibuprofen ) work taking them long term, however the side effects from stomach ulcers etc make the long term use questionable. It's really weighing up the pros with the cons.

    Good luck xx

  • I think it was DrDu who posted. I take Ibuproifen daily and Omepraxole 20mg daily to protect my stomach. Ann x

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