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what is the best treatment for clear cell ovarian cancer after a peritoneal metastase. is there any person had this experience ?

what drug should be advised for clear cell ovarian metastatic peritoneal implant .

after my first surgery i had taken these chemeo drugs:

the first treatment was carboplatine and ebitaxcel for six cycles

after 12 months of the recurence of my tumor peritoneal implant

my second treatment was avastin + gemzar + carboplatin 12 cycle

after surgery for the tumor

what treatment is optimal and affect the clear cell ovarian cancer that i have?

is there anyone can advise me or giving me more informations about any survivors

experienced this cancer type ?


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I am sorry I am not much help, I would normally suggest you ring the helpline, but I see you are not living in the UK wishes love x G x

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Hi there... I don't know about Clear Cell but I do know what it's like to have peritoneal cancer which is not an easy disease is it? I hope someone on here can give you some information directly related to the cell.. but, in the meantime, I send you my heartfelt good wishes. x x


Hi, Tarouza.

I have clear cell, stage IV.

My first line chemo was carbo and taxol but it has not worked.

The second line chemo is Avastin and Caelyx. I'm still on this chemo, and I'll make a pet scan next 10th to see the results. In January first scan showed residual tumours shrinking.

I think you may talk to your onc about genetic screening of your tumour. With the genome of your tumour your onc may recommend a different chemo, maybe something used in another kind of cancer that has the same genetic problem.

I have sent a biopsy of my tumour to USA to make this exam. I have made this through the Clearity Foundation ( wich is a non profile entity dedicated to ovarian cancer research.

The Clearity Foundation has a grant program for people without health insurance, so you will pay less for the exams. And they offer free consulting to your onc with their scientists, when the results arrive.

My onc will receive the tumour profile in one month, and he is excited because he has said it may open news ways of treatment to fight my cancer, if the second line chemo fails.

I wish you good luck with your next treatment.




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