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Fallopian Tube cancer

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Hi ladies, my dr. has told me that my cancer started in my Fallopian tube. I was just wondering if any of you had the same diagnosis. The treatment is the same as ovarian and peritoneal cancer. Donna U.S.A.

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Yeah mine was actually in my right fallopian tube

Hi Donna I was diagnosed with Fallopian tube Cancer in October 2019 staged at 2a because both tubes were found to be cancerous. My type of OC is HGS. I had abdominal Hysterectomy then 6 rounds of Carboplatin and only1 of Taxol because I had a severe reaction to it.I completed my treatment in March and have been NED ( no evidence of disease) since.


Hi r u taking any medicine for maintenence? Thanks

Hi 😊 No not taking anything for maintenance, not sure why? my oncologist has never mentioned it. I did read stage 2 is still early stage with OC and standard treatment of surgery and Chemo then watch and wait.

Hi, yes I’ve been on Niraparib since July of 2020. Iv’e had a few bumps in the road with my blood counts. I had a blood transfusion a year ago, but I seem to be doing fairly well on a lower dose. ( dropped from 200 mgs. to 100 mgs. ). I was stage 4, because it spread into my omentum, intestines and abdominal wall. It started in my left Fallopian tube and spread to female parts first. They don’t see disease on my scans lately, so that is good. Just have to keep fighting this and try and stay positive. Hard to do sometimes. Donna

Mine started in the left Fallopian tube.

I was diagnosed with Fallopian Tube Cancer in 1995. It was staged at 3b. I had debulking surgery where it was discovered to have metastasized to the abdomen. 6 rounds of Carbo/Taxol later, I was declared NED. I had a recurrence in an inguinal node in 2020, had surgery and 25 rounds of radiation. So far so good!

I was diagnosed with,ovarian,fallopian as well as peritoneal cancer

It is quite common for ‘ovarian’ cancer to start in the fallopian tubes. It is still called ovarian cancer.

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Hi there Pianoplayer731021

I can see you’ve had lots of responses from the forum community, so just popping by to share our information booklet on fallopian tube cancer, which I hope will be helpful for you: ovacome.org.uk/fallopian-tu...

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you would like to talk through anything. We're here on (+44) 800 008 7054, Monday - Friday 10am - 5pm. I understand that as you're in the U.S, this may be tricky for you; we can also speak via WhatsApp or schedule a 1-1 video call if you prefer.

Best wishes


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Hi, yes my cancer journey started with fallopian tube cancer, HGS. That was in 2010 and if you read my profile you will see that I've had various treatments as it is aggressive. It spread to the inguinal nodes and after surgery had various other maintenance regimes.Good luck with your cancer journey and keep smiling x

Hi GeOrglna, I am happy to see that you are doing well. You caught your cancer early, which makes you lucky. My stage was diagnosed at 4, because it spread. Good luck with your journey and I try and smile through this also. Some days are harder to put that happy face on though. Thankyou for your letter, Donna U.S

Hi Donna,

Stay positive and glad you are doing well. I was diagnosed with HGS Ovarian Cancer Stage 4 and was told it started in my eight ovary and spread to all the female organs, peritoneal, omentum and lymph nodes and travelled to my neck lymph nodes. I had 4 rounds of chemo then the radical surgery and 2 more chemos after, I have been on a maintenance therapy drug called Lynparza (olaparib) for nearly 9 months now...hoping to stay well as long as I possibly can.

Stay strong and good luck with your journey. Sending hugs and positivity to you from the UK

Thankyou Dubai18, my cancer spread to my female parts, my omentum, resected a few intestines and a nodule on my abdominal wall. I am on niraparib and have some bumps along the way. I have had my dose reduced and will wonder if I can continue this until next June. Been on it since July of 2020. I will be 75 next month, so I hope this ole body keeps going. Good luck to you too, Donna U.S. My CT scans are good so far, thank goodness!

Forgot to mention that I am BRCA negative, so I hope it keeps working. It helps if you are BRCA positive, as that works a little better with this drug.

Hi Donna, first I want to say stay strong and positive. I had stage 2 in left fallopian and stage 3 right fallopian in 2014and they still call it ovarian cancer. Best to you always. God Bless you through this journey 🦋

Thankyou and God bless you through your journey also. 🦋

Hi, Many ovarian cancers originate in Fallopian tube . My daughter is having preventative surgery as I have donated BRCA gene, and in a new study she has had Fallopian tubes removed now, and then will have ovaries removed at menopause . This is hopefully a less aggressive approach to young women having this type of surgery . I hope all is well with you and treatment having good results


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