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How long to recover after operation and chemo

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Hi to all you amazing women I’m writing this on behave of my mum Anita she had a full hysterectomy then 6 rounds of chemo which finished 5 weeks ago she is coping so well only problem is she is still getting like a pulling pain under her bust and belly sometimes she says it’s like when you fall on gravel and get that burning pain afterwords she felt it hard to describe just wandered has anybody else had these sort of discomfort and how long before it eases mums taking ibuprofen she feels fantastic on a morning but by dinner the discomfort will start we get her ct scan results in may fingers crossed everything will fine did any of you ladies on this website suffer the same all I can do as her daughter is keep telling her to take her ibuprofen and rest but sometimes I feel useless to help mum more xx

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Just a normal hysterectomy can leave you sore and debilitated for up to 3 months, let alone one with all the debulking and other scrapings needed to rid the area of as much disease as possible.

I didn't have the same sensations as your mum but my lower bowel felt excruciating on passing a motion for some while plus the surgeon inadvertently cut some upper leg nerve which I still have a very odd sensation on the front thigh. Generally I was just delicate all around the abdomen area for a number of weeks while the scar and all the bits below knitted and healed.

It seems like you have waited some time for the scan and hopefully you will get results soon which may or may not show anything specific.

Get your mum to write down exactly how the pain feels, when it comes on and how ibruprofen helps.... has it got worse since the operation?

I hope it resolves, it's a big ask on a body and everyone's internal systems protest in different ways....

Janet 🌈.

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THANKYOU Janet the pain is a lot better than after the operation and she had debulking too so it’s getting there but I suppose like most people but it’s not healing fast enough for my mum as she says 😂💗you take care too Janet I will let mum know what you’ve said THANKYOU so much xx


Still early days really, Having to cope with the op is bad enough, throw in chemo and it takes time. You mum needs to listen to her body and rest and she will get 'back to normal', albeit a new 'normal' where you have to learn to be kinder to yourself, maybe just a bit selfish sometimes . Sounds like your mum is lucky she such a caring daughter (like I do :) ). Fingers crossed for good results from the CT. Huga to you both xx

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THANKYOU katmal I keep telling to rest and the new normal will happen shes just never been poorly before or been on sick so long I’m just glad we have her still here as a lot of ladies are not as lucky xx you take care too xxx 😘

Hi, do get hold of a copy of the excellent guide by Target Ovarian Cancer 'What happens next?' as there's lots there that may be helpful to both your Mum and you.

You can download it and / or order a paper copy...

I think it's very much a case of little steps and being really kind to yourself. It can really help to try and move a little and often, even if that's just around the garden or to the end of the road.

best wishes, Sx

THANKYOU not we didn’t get that I will download it now xx THANKYOU xx

Even tho your Mum may be sitting in chair, tell her to lay down a few time a day to allow all the organs to not be sitting one on top of the other. This helped me a lot.

Has she developed a sensitivity to the ibuprofen, maybe?

She has to reduce her ibuprofen to max 600m as she suffers from high blood so that doesn’t help xx hopefully the discomfort will ease thankyou for replying XX I will pass your message on to my mum xx

I know that burning pain, I got it too. I noticed it about 5 weeks after surgery, though with me, it was a little lower, to the left of the navel, and it arrived after I'd been up a few hours and got worse as the day went on. At first I thought it was the wound still healing because it seemed to be where the cut was, but it turned out to be a hernia just above the 'burning area', which showed itself by 8/9 weeks as a slight bulge on the left side, just above where it burns. I started wearing a 4 inch wide elastic belt over the bulge - the burning sensation by the end of the day disappeared and doesn't trouble me - unless I don't wear the belt. I don't wear the belt at night, because it's not a problem when laying down.

This might not be the cause of your mother's pain, but it sounds so familiar, just thought I'd tell you, in case she has a small hernia of which she's unaware.

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THANKYOU we are going to see the doctors next week I will mention it don’t see consultants til may hers pain she says is near her ribs I’m hoping they give us an explanation soon THANKYOU jwilliamsb you take care xx

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