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Is it possible to have OC with no cyst seen on ultrasound?


For several months I've been having symptoms, bloating, nausea, back pain and pain mostly in left region of ovaries. Last week my abdomen was really tender to touch and GP sent me to a&e thinking may be a ruptured cyst due to past history. Was kept in overnight for observation and sent home following day. Thurs I had an ultrasound, no cyst visible. I am waiting on blood to come back to check CA125 as there is a family history of ovarian and breast cancer on maternal side. I'm still having pain and have an odd pressure in my tummy almost like I constantly need to pee, but don't. I also have difficulty walking distances as getting lots of pain in tummy and back when walking. I'm 40 years old, 7 children and sterilised 5 years ago. I'm probably over anxious due to worrying so I guess I'm just looking for reassurance. The docs haven't mentioned it's a possibility and think the blood test is due to family history. Oh, I've also had traces of blood in urine sample but no uti. Not sure if that's a link to symptoms. Thanks for reading x

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Oh dear,

I think you need to wait for the CA-125 results, but even they can be misleading. Some ladies are riddled with cancer with no raised CA125, although, for me, it is a good marker.

If you have a family history of reproductive cancers, have you been tested for the BRCA Mutations?

That would help to get a better scan.

An ultra sound is not good enough. With your symptoms, you should have a CT scan at least.

Please make an appointment soon and bring a close relative or friend to help you articulate your needs,

This is serious and you need the doctors to take you seriously.

Good luck,


Thank you for your reply Laura. I haven't been tested for the BRCA but it is now definitely something I will push for. I think I've been a bit reluctant to push for further testing as was worried I would come across as overdramatic. My gran passed away due to oc when I was 10, and my mother passed away 9 years ago after battling breast cancer for 5 years. I regret to say we weren't close when she died due to some horrific things her husband did when I was a child and he was sentenced to prison. I have another appointment with the GP in 2 weeks so will definitely push for further tests. Thank you so much for your advice x

It’s possible but without investigation hard to confirm. OC doesn’t have to be a solid tumour but present in fluid around the peritoneal area instead.

Try not to worry until they’ve investigated further. I have blood in my urine but no infection. It can be other things too

LA xx

Thank you. I will certainly push for further investigation x

Push for a CT scan instead. Do it soon.The ultrasound could not detect the cyst on my wife but the scan did. I do not mean to alarm you but the sympton is the same as my wife. Her mother and grandmother also had OC. This might be a genetic thing.

Thank you, I will most definitely be pushing for the CT. Hope your wifeis doing well

Hi sassy lil lady (sweet nickname, by the way).

Did they measure the ca125 in your blood? And do you have any chance for getting referred to a gyn. oncologist, and for having an abdominal/pelvic CT scan? That could (!) help to exclude or confirm anything OC related. Hopefully there will be a different explanation for your pain and pressure though, and some relief soon.

All the best. Maus.

Thank you, I am waiting on results of ca125. I'm going to see my GP this week and push for a referral. I just feel I'm being dismissed and my concerns not being listened to. I know my body and I know something just isn't right especially with all the symptoms I'm experiencing.

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