Surgery tomorrow

I'm going into hospital tomorrow to have my bad ovary removed and to have a biopsy taken from my endometrium. Kind of getting a bit scared. I've been put under general anaesthetic before so know what to expect but I seem to be getting really anxious about not waking up.

I know it's completly irrational and everything will be fine. Did anyone else feel like this?

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  • Hi Michcambs83 please don't think is irrational I was the same, I had a full hysterectomy and my omentum removed I couldn't believe how anxious I was the fear off not waking up. I just wanted the operation done so I could take control of the situation is the not knowing what was happening. On the day of the operation I was fine I couldn't believe it I think it was due to the theater staff they were brilliant and relaxed me I couldn't wait then for a good sleep 😴 ha. Hope that's had helped you? Good luck with your operation sending hugs.



  • Yes I did feel like that too, all will be fine, dont worry they will make sure you will be okay, all the very best for a good recovery

  • Hi I had my surgery a year ago on 29th Dec and I thought and felt exactly the same as you. I had to be in hospital for 7am and surgery was booked for 9:30am... I was a bit apprehensive in the morning but the nurses were absolutely brilliant. It's perfectly normal to think as you do. I wish you well and be gentle on yourself after surgery.. plenty of rest! Love Michelle x💐

  • Happy anniversary xxx

  • Made me giggle! Good luck for today.. I'll be thinking if you xx

  • Hi, Yes I was exactly the same so much so I burst out crying when I was taken into theatre. The staff were wonderful and it only lasted a few moments but I had an aweful feeling I wasn't going to come out the other side. You'll be fine xxx

  • Like all the other ladies have said I was the same ... anyone who spoke to me about op I just said all I want is to wake up 😳

  • Good Luck Michcambs83 I'm going for my surgery second week of Jan so feel for you, hope it all goes well today xxx

  • I think its very normal to feel this way. for my I just wanted that invading tumor out of me! It was large and growing. I felt in control going into surgery with faith in the staff around me. It will all be over before you know it and you will be on the road to recovery.


  • Stay strong and fear is normal but don't let it consume you. Recognize it and stay positive! You got this!!!!

  • Thanks for all your replys.

    Home now to the comfort of my own bed. I was first on the list at 8am this morning.Don't feel too bad, sore and tired obviously but I feel a lot better in myself now the ovary has gone can't describe it, it's weird.

    All staff were lovely, the anaesthetist was super. Put my right at ease straight away, even laughed and joked while I was going under. Makes a huge difference when your feeling anxious.

    Consultant said the ovary was very suspicious looking and removed it intact and in a bag so no cells were spilt.

    Now just got to await results although the consultant feels it's more likely to be confirmation of what he suspects.

    I'm to go back in a few weeks for some more scans but really don't think I can put myself through another MRI, is it possible to do it all with a CAT scan?

  • Hi Love,

    So glad it went ok and a good result,don't know about the scans,but,from what you say,you may be lucky enough to escape chemo if it was all contained.

    If that were the case I would put up with any scan to get me the news I needed,


  • I'm glad your surgery went well and thanks for letting us know as I have mine on 10th of Jan and was starting to freak out a little but your post has been very reassuring. All the best with the results.

    Izzy xxx

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