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A good day at the office!

One of the things I love about my job (apart from our fantastic members of course) is learning about the progress being made in ovarian cancer.

This morning I attended a pre launch meeting for the international Intraperitoneal chemo trial - PETROC (otherwise more boringly known as OV21).

Its been nearly 5 years since we first heard the exciting, if debatable, results from Debbie Armstrongs trial in the USA. 

A 16 month survival advantage seemed to be the halejlulia we had been waiting for.  Sadly with closer inspection the results really left us with more questions than answers. 

Ever since Ovacome have been lobbying to move the debate forward with more studies to fill in the blanks left by the Armstrong results, and at last a new trial is in sight. 

We dont know the exact launch date yet, but we will keep you posted with that, and many more details as soon as we know. T minus a month or two, but the countdown has definatly started.

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Very interesting to know the follow up on this. Following these sorts of promising developments is always such a bittersweet experience!


I attended the joint Scottish and England/Wales/NI ovarian cancer research meeting which was held in Glasgow last Friday. No definite launch date for PETROC yet, but the working estimate is 6-8 weeks. There will be a gradual roll out across 10 sites, the first being Barts in London. The trial will look at using various drugs via an IP catheter, which will be inserted during interval debulking, so theoretically, women being diagnosed now, who are going down the chemo/surgery/chemo route could take part.

Watch out for a full article to go up on the news section of the site soon.


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