Cautious Good News

My CT scan results are good and there has been a tiny bit of shrinkage. However there has been some tethering of the bowel and some thickening in something called the jejunum. I have been told I must keep on top of my bowels to prevent any blockages.

My heart EF has continued to drop and it’s now borderline for the study. However because my CT scan results are generally so positive they have decided to keep me on the trial for another 4 weeks redo my echo then decide next month. If it does fall it will be a break then possibly another dose reduction.

The results were more or less what I was expecting. My magnesium levels are slightly low so I have been prescribed some magnesium tablets. I asked if this explains my recent cramps but was told I shouldn’t really notice. However my trials nurse conceded I was a bit more ‘sensitive’ 😇

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  • Quinine is good for cramps. Great news about trial. Hope it all settles and you get some positive results

    LA xx

  • Good news - stable/shrinkage is great. Hopefully you can stay on the trial now.


  • Stable/shrinkage is brilliant. Good news. x

  • That’s great you are still in the trial. Any reduction has to be heartening.

    All the best!

  • Good news....what do they mean by keeping on top of your bowels exactly(! ? Perhaps having to think about your mum has been a blessing in disguise! Well done!!!

  • Making sure I am going everyday by taking stool softeners regularly I also have the option of adding in a prokinetic as well to help food pass through my digestive system

  • I get a lot of bowel related and digestive symptoms

  • Sounds fun....good luck!

  • Oh yes a right barrel of laughs. I think it’s just a consequence of living long term with this disease you can get adhesions and things start to stick together so over the years my bowels have become sluggish

  • The shrinkage is excellent news and the trial news is excellent too. Keep those pesky bowels in good working order and keep as well as you possibly can be, thank you for sharing your news with us ❤️Xx Jane

  • This is good. Stable is the new black. Apparently. I’m going to find out the results of my CT scan tomorrow. Hoping for stable.

    Take care

    xx Netti xx

  • Netti, you make me chuckle. Your sense of humor is refreshing. T

  • Jejejum is part of your small bowel if I remember correctly..

    Take care xxx

  • Yes you are right it links the duodenum to the ileum but I did have to look that up

  • Hi

    It is actually part of the small intestine not the bowel

    Regards Fsy

  • I think the small bowel and small intestine are interchangeable

  • Hi,

    I have sensitivity to chemo and have it over 2 days. I get terrible restless leg syndrome which makes it impossible to sleep and dr's said low magnesium levels are the cause, I have to have regular infusions which seem to work.


  • I started the magnesium tablets today they are huge and taste horrible. I had restless legs during weekly taxol

  • Good luck with them. I had some huge ones as an in-patient. In the outside world it took a while to find some which didn’t upset my stomach.

  • I seem to get terrible muscle cramps during and for months after chemo - I take a powdered magnesium supplement which seems to do the trick, it's vaguely lemon flavoured so not too disgusting.

    Keep up the good work, Dawn xx

  • I smashed up the tablets this morning and put them in a toffee yogurt. My appetite isn’t great at the due to my bowels

  • Toffee yogurt - yumbo! I find the non-dairy coconut yogurt slips down nicely even when feeling a bit blocked up. Hope the tablets work for you.

  • I also have many issues with bowel thickness, I have to take meds, very constipated and have cramps on occasion doc says from IP chemo intraperitoneal chemotherapy. But it worked and I'm still here. All's good. Best wishes, Liz

  • I think some of it is scar tissue from surgery and the cancer causes inflammation which can cause scarring. When you live with cancer for many years as some of us do then these things just become more of an issue

  • So very true. I've been blessed with no relapses. But other issues do pop up. Take care and have a wonderful day. liz

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