Do I go without Travel Insurance????

So I thought I had got travel insurance sussed until I said that we were going to New Zealand for 32 days. Insurewith wont do it for more than 31!! Eurotunnel don't do it anymore and Goodtogo are difficult to get in touch with through their web site. So before I make my decision, is there anyone who has managed to get insurance for a long haul trip of over 31 days whilst in remission. And as always, thinking of you all, reading posts regularly and helping if I can. Love Val

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  • Just a suggestion but assuming two days of you holiday will be flights can you not arrange the insurance from the ay you land to the day you take off??

  • Hi lovely,

    What about insurance for a few days with 1 company then insurance with another company for the duration of your holiday but start the insurance with the other company the last day of the 1st insurance policy? Xxx

  • Hi there

    I would take the thirty day plan and it would be unusual to have something happen on day 31if you were fine on day 30. Taking several plans might not work as some policies are only valid if travel begins in your own country.

    Have an awesome trip xxx

  • Definitely take insurance it's too risky without it.


  • Have you tried Boots. I got a good quote from them, though don't know if they cover for longer periods.


  • Thanks Jenny. Will give them a go! X

  • I think you have to have insurance for peace of mind and, heaven forbid, just in case, couldn't you take the 30 day cover from insurewith from the day you land in NZ?. Could you get travel insurance just to cover the flights? ❤️Xx Jane

  • Check exactly the number of days you are out of the UK. Due to the time difference you lose a day on the way out, only regaining the missing day on arrival back in the UK. Also if you do decide to go without medical insurance, NZ have a very good NHS, under which you are covered, British Commonwealth, etc. I spent over three years in NZ and loved it, could not fault their health service, Good Luck.

  • The problem is though that going so far it is not a direct flight, what would happen if she became unwell at the stopover airport, she would definitely need health insurance then. Ann xx

  • Have you tried Boots on line? I'm not going for a long time but I found them reasonable. I wouldn't recommend going so far without health insurance. Let us know how you get on. Ann xx

  • Very true, did not think of that. However I still think she may be away from the Uk for less than the 31 days due to the time difference.

  • Mia are worth a call but do think they have 31 day limit.

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