Hello, just been on a short cruise and now absolutely worn out and tired but it was worth it!

Last week for five nights, Simon (husband) and I went on a cruise starting in Monte Carlo and ending in Rome. I was a bit worried about the infection risk as I know my white blood cells would have been low but I needed to escape this wretched disease for a while. As you know it's nigh on impossible to get insurance so I didn't bother. No infections thank God and I was really lively and enjoying myself but now I feel shattered. It was worth it to see and feel the sunshine, swim in the sea, see lovely places and generally enjoy myself. As none of us know what's round the next bend, I thought I would stick two big fingers up to cancer and do it all anyway.

Due for chemo today, hope my white blood cells are ok. Lovis

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  • Good for you Lovis!Nothing like complete escape and as you say the tiredness was worth it! X

  • Sounds lovely glad you enjoyed it best wishes love x G x

  • Sometimes, you just get so annoyed with this disease and just have throw caution to the wind. I really feel like ranting about it today for some reason. I think you have days like that! Lovis xx

  • Good on you xx

  • How wonderful! I'm so glad you had a lovely time & good on you for going & sticking 2 fingers up to cancer! :-D

    Really hope your bloods are ok today. Love Libby xx

  • It was good to read your holiday post. I'm so pleased it went well and was worth the small risk. No wonder you're exhausted today. Rest up, review all those wonderful memories and experiences, and keep waving the fingers!!!!!

    Sending loads of love xx Annie

  • So pleased you had a wonderful time.


    Zannah xxx

  • Sounds great and good for you. I finished weekly taxol 3 weeks ago with v good results and looking for a cruise now! We have to live as much as we can while we can in my opinion x

  • Glad you took the time out and enjoyed your cruise! Thinking about booking one in September as was the plan before my recurrence. Insurance is a major headache tho! :o

    Love Wendy xxx

  • Good for you, who did you book with? I am on third line chemo and ill for two weeks and good for one week. Your post has inspired me to do something on my good week!

    Love Wendy x

  • We went with Sea Dream which is very expensive but when you're faced with this disease money seems a bit irrelevant and I'd rather spend it while I can if you know what I mean. It's a small ship with only 50 cabins so about 100 people so the risk of any infection is minimal. Of course you have to risk the airport and a plane which as we know can be a hotbed of strange viruses. You just get so fed up with cancer you have to say I will live and experience everything I can at full speed and *********** to cancer! I do appreciate what I did is not really good practice while on chemo but I just thought *** it. Lovis x

  • So glad you had this lovely experience. I'm with you 100% when you say stick two fingers up to the disease. Make hay while the sun shines eh!

    Alex XXX

  • Hi Lovis, I am so glad you enjoyed your cruise! I'm sure your dip in the sea will have strengthened you. Good luck. Ann xo

  • Well done you! So glad you had a good time

    Annette x

  • Go Lovis, that's so the spirit! What a fabulous experience. I'm 7years and 2months(nearly!)? on from 3C diagnosis, and several recurrences later, last week my lovely husband Chris and I were recorded on the tv quiz show Pointless (we're addicted!) and beat the other contestants and won Pointless trophies! I don't know how I remembered the opera singer Cecilia Bartoli, but god bless her!! It was a fab day, the TV team were amazing (knew about me) and I agree, sometimes you have got to throw caution to the wind if you can and go for it! The programme won't be shown for several months, but it was certainly a day to remember. May you enjoy many more fab holidays, and that your treatment goes really well, love Merylx

  • Hello Meryl, Please let me know when you TV show is as I'd love to see it and well done you. Lovis x

  • My thoughts exactly. Diagnosed with oc 3 in 2007 and after 6 months carbo just enjoyed 6 holidays a year abroad before finding it had mastasised to my liver, lung and a pelvic mass. After the shock had to cancel 2 holidays, just tried 3 month carbo again but although shrunk mass, new lesions on liver, so just had my 1st lot of caelyx, fingers crossed! My advice to everyone is get away while you can and enjoy!!! Live life to the full. Last year was my 60th too so we had 7 holidays not 6. First thing I will do after this is book a holiday!! Good luck and hope all goes well for you...xxxx

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