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Check up over

Well had my scan and despite my worries, all was okay, no changes thank god. The stress of the past week caught up with me on Monday night. So back again in 3 months. Hoping to return to work in next few weeks as shoulder is now on the right road. I hope everyone is doing ok. I try and walk most days though this weather is bitterly cold. Walking is good because it does raise the spirits and you meet people and smile and chat and you come home feeling a lot better. I do green juicing once a day so not a fanatic. I use green apples, celery, spinach, watercress and ginger and anything else around at the time. I also take flaxseed at breakfast time, you can get it quite cheaply in the cereals areas of Aldi. Dont really know if that helps. Have also read that it is very beneficial to eat brocolli 3 days in a row. Has anyone any thoughts on that and would be interested to hear what other people do to try and keep this thing at bay

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Delighted to hear your good news! Do you juice all the stuff raw? I am not a juicer but am interested to try it. What sort of a juicer do you buy?

I tried sprinkling flaxseed on my porridge but found it left me with a taste in my mouth which sorted lasted for hours. Will try it again. Anything that helps with bowels is welcome!

Happy easter everybody!


Kiwis are good for your complaint, was told that by onocolgy nurse before, just eat one about an half hour before food and also find actimel helps. Prune juice or tin of prunes in juice is another help. Used use Milpar but thats gone off market. Yes I would use raw celery and the prepacked bag of spinach watercress and rocket from tesco or aldi or whoever. I was told to try the juicing by the nurses as well but not to get the most expensive. So I check it out and found that Philips Aluminium Juicer would do the job. Got mine in Argos for about 100 euro. Its easier to clean, I wouldnt buy one that Bernadette Bohane recommends its abut 500 euro and it is difficult to clean. Juicing also helps bowels. You get a book with it, written by Jason Vale. Google the juicer and Jason Vale on web and you might find it interesting. I just use juicer once a day.


Hi Suzuki, only spotted your reply now. Thanks for all that info especially as I have had a bit of bother in that department! The joys of chemo!

Kiwis I don't eat a lot so worth a try. 2nd chemo on Friday. Get it in to me!


You go, girl, tinned prunes in juice as well as Prune Juice, by the way, I buy the milled flaxseed in Aldi for 2.69 which is cheap and you dont mind the taste. The ordinary linseeds are dreadful to taste. I think the more your worry about it, the worse it gets, I used tell myself what goes in must come out sometime. Also actimel or any of the priobotic yogurts. Good luck on Friday,


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