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CT scan time

Have ct scan coming up on Mon week. Kinda anxious about it as have an ache. Then it could be from anything!!!! My concern is being able to move my arm back for the scan as my shoulder op doesnt seem to have done much for my movement. The radiologist I had last time round was so nice so hope to have her again, My bloods were fairly ok in January. Down here in Cork, there is a group of us who have joined "Something to Sing About" This is a fun choir started in Galway by onocolgist Paul Donnelllan. Some of you might have heard about it. He was in a choir and found it good and had the idea that cancer patients would also benefit from it so it snowballed from there It is very strong in the West of Ireland, again you should check their website for details of choirs locations. The Cork group meets every Wednesday at 7.p.m. at Mardyke House just off Western Road and is supported by Cork Arc Cancer Support House. The idea is that all choirs meet at the same time every week so all around the country, people are singing every Weds at the same time

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i know the feeling. But, you have to look forward to scans because if your bloods were ok in january and you are having the scan next week nothing big has happened so anything fishy will show up.

I am sorry to hear that your shoulder is still causing trouble and i hope you get the helpful radiologist. Mention it when you arrive so that they know you need help.

Funny you should mention choirs i have sung in a choir all my life and am currently singing in one. We rehearse every wedsnesday evening! i will be thinking about you next wednesday and hope all will be good with the scan.


I know I have more time to think when not at work,thats my problem so joined this choir to keep myself occupied. I do have friends but when we meet we discuss everyithing else except our problems. Maybe thats the idea to keep our minds away from things. You should check out the Something To Sing about website and read how it all started if you didnt hear about it previously. This onocologist, thinks that singing is good for you, so keep at it when you can


Hi Suzuki, hope your scan went well and that it didn't hurt your shoulder too much. Enjoy easter and hope results are all good.


Hi Poobah, thanks for thinking of me. Had the scan and the radiographer was helpful with the shoulder. Well there were no changes and back again in 3 months for bloods etc. So hopefully I am doing something right. I do realise I am lucky in comparison to a lot of people. But the thought does linger that down the road, it could be treatment again but the longer the better. Eventually I had to get cortisone for the shoulder last week and it has helped the pain. I suppose full movement will come backbut will take time. I hope to go back to work now that I am off pain killers but company doc may not think my range of movement is enough but I will wait and hope for the best. How are you doing, ?


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