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This morning on one local Radio Station, they brought up the topic of Cancer. An oncologist from Cork spoke and mentioned awareness and education of people of signs and symptoms of Cancers. He was very positive stating that suspect Cancer are seen within a week having been fast tracked by their doctor. So I rang in and they rang me back an hour or so later. So I got my spoke in about OC mentioning Ovacare who are so good to us all and give us the facility to get together every so often. I brought up awareness and said Dr Power was correct, we need more awareness especially of Ovarian Cancer. I also stated that OC was the poor relation when it came to media attention and also got very little recognition from the Irish Cancer Society. I did get in the fact that we as patients distribute awareness leaflets in our local surgeries etc. around the time of World Ovarian Cancer Day. I also mentioned something we used debate with Daisies, that by the time we got information about O.C we were already diagnosed and people need to be made aware of symptoms before then. I managed to get in the Beat symptoms. So I am happy in the knowledge that if we keep chipping away, we will get results and more awareness.

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  • Annie's apprentice - good on ya! X x

  • Well done you and thank you. Hope it made you feel good venting and spreading the word to the I'll informed.


  • That's great work - thank you for constantly highlighting the ovarian cancer at every opportunity Suzuki. X

  • Well done Joan!! You're a trooper!!! I am working with a personal trainer at the min and she put my story on her blog with a link to Ovacare so hopefully her followers will at least be more aware of the symptoms!!

    As they say in Tesco every little helps!!!


  • Well done everyone

  • Well done .I think we should make your our Ambassador on OC in Ireland. Kittie

  • I dont really think I would make a good ambassador Kittie. We need more people to keep on about awareness and I couldnt resist the opportunity

  • Of course you are a good ambassador, anybody willing to put themselves out there is a great ambassador for OC, you are brave to have taken this opportunity, well done you!

  • Fair play to you. You are amazing as always and always give detailed and sound advice to ladies here on ovacare..

  • I dont really know about that to be honest, I just saw the opportunity to promote awareness and took it. I was asked to comment a few months ago on the Johnson and Johnson case but told them I knew very little about it. I did try to bring in Ovacare there because World Ovarian Cancer Day was coming up but the interview concluded when I had no dramatics about the Johnsons baby powder. So now I am happy I got my say in finally

  • Well done you for taking the opportunity and highlighting OC which is often the forgotten cancer. xx

  • Well done Joan.It was a great interview and you got all information across very well.Enjoyed listening to you.

  • Well done Joan xo

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