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Primary Peritoneal- My mother

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Hi there - my mother was last week diagnosed with PPC. We have had over a year of tests and she had a negative colonoscopy, and then the doctors didn’t test anything else. She had reflux, diarrhoea 3 times a day, stomach cramps and they kept prescribing ant acids. Eventually when my father pushed as she was so ill they gave her some more tests, CA was raised, sent for more scans where they suspected OC. This came back clear and it wasn’t until we saw a specialist last week he diagnosed her with PPC as the scan showed extensive nodules on her peritoneum and omentem. She also has moderate ascites. It’s important to say my mother also has heart failure and stage 4 kidney failure so the fact she also has advanced cancer has come to huge shock to myself and our family. She is 74. They told us they can’t cure it and as my mum has kidney failure she can’t have much chemo. They said they might try a low dose chemo but that it wasn’t looking good. My mother is in hospital presently due to her heart failure so she has had to try and cope with this terminal diagnosis on her own which has been devastating for her and us. She had a biopsy yesterday (on the peritoneal we are assuming) and since hasn’t been able to eat since as feeling so nauseous. She’s also had to have a blood transfusion, we’re not sure if this is due to her anemia or the biopsy. Difficult to get answers from the doctors when she is in there in her own. Apologies for the long narrative, but wanted to check if anyone else had pain and nausea after their peritoneal biopsy? Thanks so much for reading this message.

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Dear Sha120,

Sorry to hear about your mother's illness. She is going through a very difficult time. I didn't have this particular cancer to get honest. I think it would be important to organise a family meeting with your Mum's Consultant which might be possible in person or over something like zoom. This would give you the opportunity to voice your concerns.

Her nausea could be biopsy related but it could be from ascites so maybe draining it might help with the nausea but that would be a question to ask the team. The meeting would also allow you to ask what is the treatment plan. Do they have a palliative care team in the hospital she is in. They are wonderful at help with symptoms such as nausea pain cramps etc and they might be able to give suggestions too.

Hope this helps and hope your Mum feels better and stronger soon.

Take care Esther

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HI ,Stay strong , I have maligant Ascities & again in the petrotineal area. A drain will help as easing pressure on all other organs . They are very easy to put in & remove and your body feels so much better. I had 11 litres in Jan & 6 in March . At the moment it has not built up again. I also take lots of Turmeic & Garlic infused with Lemon .

Also I did need blood transfusions every 3 weeks up untill 6 weeks ago as .

Prayer for Healing , by Lorna Byrne

I'm so very sorry to hear that your poor mum is going through such a difficult time as are all of your family. My diagnosis was ovarian cancer so I don't have experience of what your mum is going through but I totally agree with Esther, its important to keep pushing for a meeting with the consultant to know what the plan is. The nausea could be for a number of reasons but could also be stress related given all she has to cope with. I'm not sure which country you're in but the cancer support centres are amazing, offering help and psychological support to your mum and all the family, the Irish cancer society will put you in touch with your nearest one. I hope things start to improve for your mum soon

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