Fighting & treating PPP - Primary Peritoneal Carcinoma. Help?

Dear sweet community at Health Unlocked, 

My name is Delia, I'm 24, and almost a month ago my mom, 66, was diagnosed with stage 3 PPC. She's currently at MD Anderson in Houston, being treated by an incredible gyn-oncology team. They've told her the survival rate is 70% and things we've read that told us 30% are sourcing outdated research. Anyway, she's had a few hiccups along the way, which included an emergency colostomy last week as the peritoneal tumor was pressing on her colon and causing a blockage. 

I'm writing because while searching for positive & hopeful information from survivors, I saw several posts here from 3 years ago where lots of PPC survivors were discussing their treatment. I'd love to hear from any PPC survivors out there, and if you have any hopeful words or tips to pass on to me and my mom, I would really appreciate it. 

She's the only one I have & I love her so much, so any information would be appreciated. 



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  • Welcome Delia ,sorry to hear about mom. four years ago I had major surgery also plus the stoma and of course cemo , I wont say it has been easy but Im still fighting , treatment for cancer has come along way even sience then, and less abrasive , take it one step at a time ,there will be good days and the not so good days ,we all have them. (stoma reversed after a year).  Ye already have the love now be strong , don't let this get ye down , things will work out in time . leave the worry to the medical team they know what they have to do next , keep the spirits up ,xxx Eily

  • Well it seems your Mums medical team are doing the very best for her, her survival rates are high so I would stick with it,  There is an American Cancer Society in the USA and I am sure they would be able to source local information there.   US are far ahead of us as regards research and drugs.  Best wishes to you and your Mum, she is indeed lucky to have you

  • Dear Delia

    .I too was diagnosed with  stagec3 PPC in 2011 at age 66. I remained disease free  after completing chemo until 3 weeks ago and will find out my treatment plan tomorrow. I hope to be able  to fight it again. I agree with Suzuki in that if you must get any type of cancer then the US is the best place to be. I am afraid some European countries lag far behind. You say your mothers team is the tops and that is half the battle. Having a caring daughter is also a huge plus for her. I wish her all the best


  • Delia

  • Delia a cancer diagnosis is very frightening so you must be so scared and unsure right now . The oncology team wil do their job medically and you concentrate on love and support . Get all the information and support you can from your oncology team and don't be afraid to ask questions  they will help you get your head around this this diagnosis . I wish your Mam strength and courage and most  importantly she is blessed with a loving daughter . You take care of yourself too.

  • Hi

    I'm 63 and was diagnosed last May with stage 4 ppc. 

    Have had 6 lots of chemo,debulking surgery and now on avastin

    I have the support of 4 wonderful daughters also. Keep positive. I'm sure you have a great medical team out there for your mum x

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