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My lovely friend


Firstly I want to send my love and positive vibes to all of you out there suffering with this awful disease.

This is my first post and I'm looking for a bit of help and advice. My gorgeous and very dear friend has been recently been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, stage 3, she's only 39. It has spread to her abdomen and she has also been told that the cancer can't be gotten rid of completely and that eventually chemo won't work. I don't know any more on the type it is as I'm not wanting to ask too many questions from her right now. She has just had a full hysterectomy and is really suffering with pain, depression (she is normally the most positive person I know) and symptoms of menopause. She is due to start her first bout of chemo in 3 weeks. Basically I unfortunately have previous experience after losing loved ones to cancer but I don't know how they can be so sure they can't get rid of it? Also does anyone out there have any information on drug trials? Any advise on diet, lifestyle or incredible Dr's that anyone has encountered?

All info welcome, I just want to see if we can get her better.

Wishing you all well


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Don't have anything clever to write just so sad to read that news 39 so young life can be so cruel.

You are right though things change all the time medicine is improving miracles can happen so hope this happens for your friend. I had OC myself caught at stage 1 was devastated I was 1 month longer would not have been so lucky having saying all that it was a horrific time for me hysterectomy chemo etc... Thank god came out the other side but to be honest still live with the fear but try and push it to back of my mind live each day as it comes.


What a wonderful friend you are, to be so concerned about your friend and also wanting to know more about this disease. there are lots of cancer support services that will arm you with info....but the main this is just to be there for you friend: whether it is just telling her you are available to listen; do her ironing; shopping; taking her out for coffee & chat and if she has children - bringing them our for little trips to give her time to rest. No one can tell a person what treatment will work & cure OC - and we each of us will react in a different way - but cancer will do its own thing unfortunately.

So best wishes to you and your friend & her family. Just be strong for your pal. >Daisies


Hello I am sorry to hear about your friend. I also have OC and have had to put up with the initial tumour an operation and then a reoccurence. Both times I have endured chemo. I am at the last stages of chemo this time around, just two more to go. I have been offered a trial of a new drug but unfortunately for you I live in Australia. My advice to you is to research on the internet. My oncologist is constantly going overseas to seminars. I have been very lucky as he is the senior leader in many of the trials here in brisbane and is the one who seems to have his finger on the pulse as to what is happening in ovarian cancer research. I will be happy to let everyone know on this site whether I get accepted into the trial and my reaction to the drug. As a community if the drug has some beneficial effect I am sure you all can push for trials in your country. I know that there are promising results from a drub trial going on I the USA at the moment. I bought this up with my wonderful oncologist and he said he knew about them and will push for trials here if warranted. Just talk to your medical carers. They know about what is happening. Good luck.


I am truely sorry about your friend, yes it is a big blow to be diagnosed with OC, your friend needs a recovery period of at least six weeks to get some strength back. all you can do is be there for her perhaps run a few errands just like shopping and making sure she gets out of the house when able to do so by bringing her out for a cuppa. From my experience OC can be treated like any other chronic illness such as high blood pressure etc, you treat before it over takes you or so my oncologist suggests. There are support groups also out there. If you are in Ireland and near a big city, you should be able to locate such a group ie Arc Cancer Support, also ask your friends gynae liason nurse for a name of a similar support group. There are many drugs out there to treatment OC so keep that in mind. I hope your friend gets on well and she is always welcome to join us here in this group and do post again if you have any questions.



I have OC stage 3 and yes it will never go away but I it is classed as a chronic illness I can live with that,

I am just in my 5th year and at the moment I am on my 4th line treatment. I have been on a couple of trials,

and to be honest I take anything on offer. I try to remain positive , and I keep myself busy, so that I have other things on my mind, I am now at slimming world and have lost a lot on my chemo tummy, I thought if I didnt have cancer than I wouldnt want to be this weight. So I got on with it..

I think once you have been diagnosed with cancer life is never the same.

I am sure that you will get a lot of support for your friend, from the ladies on the site. It is amazing how much information you can pick up.

Kind regards Barbara.


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