Feeling worried

Hi peeps, I am having weekly taxol, I have another seven to go after Fri. my oncologist is waiting till my treatment is finished before I have a scan. But I have been getting a few pains in my stomach in different places, not there all the time but come and go. so I keep thinking I hope the c word hasn't spread. my hubby is sure it's the chemo what is causing it. Does anyone else notice any pains after chemo. I have ppc. xx

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  • Hi Juliette

    Even though mine is PPC I won't be much help as they dropped the taxol for my recurrence treatment and just on Carboplatin . I hope there is somebody on here who is having the same experience as you so they can reassure you. I did have tummy pains and bloating with the carbo/taxol after initial diagnosis 5 years ago and I know myself it was bowel problems as when that was managed fairly well it was bearable . I was told they would not give me taxol this time as it was too toxic. You are having it once a week so its bound to have some side effects . However only the oncologist can advise you this is the case so keep pushing for answers . Then you can push that worry out of your mind. Take care and stay in touch.


  • Thanks molly, like you say and my hubby says I am having it once a week so it might be that . I see my oncologist a week this Friday so I will ask him those questions. Thank-you once again for your reply, I will keep in touch. I don't know what I would do without this forum, everyone is so helpful and understanding. Not many people know about this disease, it's not like breast cancer where it is well publicised. And so it should be, I just wish some day that this ppc will be publicised more. xxx

  • Hi Juliette, it is a few years since I had taxol and yes I had tummy pains. One day packed a bag before I went to my gp apt and he found nothing wrong, he said it was my insides moving around because they had more room after surgery. I had Carbo and Taxol together that time. So do mention it at your check up but its likely to be nothing sinister. Having this illness all sorts come into our mind so try not to worry, Think this chemo is making me better although to be honest you felt a lot better before you started it. I used say that I was fine only for the chemo.

  • Hi suzuki, yes I am going to mention it when I see him on the 4th of November. I am really glad you are responding to the chemo, it sounds like it is working for you. Yes I was on carbo and taxol last year but just taxol this year, . And every Friday after the chemo and the day after I am like super woman, I was up at three thirty after two-hours sleep cleaning all my cupboards out. They have never been as tidy. I think it was you or molly what said you felt you was on a high and then shouted at someone from your car. It was so funny, and it cheered up my day. Also I find I am forgetting things.and repeating myself quite a few times 😫,but I have reassured my sons that it is the chemo ☺.chemo brain. 😉.lol xx

  • I really do wish like you that PPC gets recognised more as it's more scary than OC even and that's saying a lot . At the moment there is no early stage diagnosis as there can be in OC if you are lucky. The good thing is that as we progress and hopefully react well to treatment it will get beaten in the end . Some of us have already beaten the prognosis . We must keep hope alive . This site has been invaluable in getting good advice and caring from the whole community. Take care and keep the chin up. I hope I can take my own advice ! Love and God bless


  • Thanks molly, I am keeping that in mind and trying to think positive thought's. my thoughts and prayers are with you too. xxx

  • I used to get stomach pains too. Talk to doc on friday about it and let us know

  • Thanks rienesue, it is a week tomorrow I am seeing him so will ask him about it. take care. love Julie xx

  • I have PPC and also had weekly taxol. I too had pains but they never turned out to be anything sinister. I was nervous about it too at the start but took comfort that it wasn't a pain that kept coming back in the same place. Please do speak to your Oncologist though because he will do an examination and be able to give you reassurance.

    I had other abdominal pain that was scar adhesions. It was very sore. Definitely better coming on here with questions about PPC because there is nohing but negativity online and when you come on here there are real women that can offer advice and support. All the best for the rest of your treatment xo

  • Thank-you Julie for your reply, I do keep getting a pain in my lower back near my kidney, always in the same place. I think it's telling me that I am dehydrated 😞 I know I don't drink enough fluids so I am really trying with that. my hubby drinks pints of cordial throughout the day and he has very well hydrated soft skin ( even the nurses at the chemo unit have commented) 😟while my skin is very dry😣.so he is on a mission to get me drinking more. But will definitely mention to my oncologist about my concerns. all my best wishes to you too and God bless. xx

  • I drink loads of cordial too. There is a new Robinsons flavour Apple & Pear, it is so good. I always keep a variety of cordials so that I never get bored of them. The fruit barleys in Robinsons range are really nice. Fill a bottle and keep it with you and also try to down a glass a few times a day. You will see a big difference. I have to keep my bowels regular so need a lot of fluid and this works for me. Take care and accept your hubbies hydrating mission ! xo

  • Hi Julie, had chemo today, also I have got the apple and pear I love it. xx

  • I get pains after taxol - I think it is the places where I have the cancers, plus the general smaller arrays. My onc told me that this is normal, and somehow it makes me feel like I can sense the chemo doing its thing... I'm sure your onc or nurse can assure you so it may be worth talking to them.

    All the best


  • Thanks nettle, yes I have heard that too. I will be talking to my oncologist next week when I see him. take care and sending all good wishes for you. xx

  • Hi netti sorry about texting your name wrong, flipping predictive text. xx

  • No worries. Pred text is a strange beast!

  • Hi Juilette-

    how far are you out from surgery? I had surgery April 8th of this year and it took a long time not to have aches and pains. a lot was removed so there is a lot of real estate for something to claim in there. also a lot of inflammation after surgery. also nerve pain is common and takes some time to regenerate. I had the full cut for my hysterectomy so I had several internal stitches that did not dissolve for 6 months! I would mention it to your ONC but most likely is totally normal.

    i just finished 18 chemos, taxol/carbo and a lot of new aches and pains arrived. I am two weeks post chemo and they still linger. Have CT scan in a couple of weeks.

    Stay in touch!


  • Hi carol I had my debulking op (most of my inside taken away) last September. Also same as you had full cut.I will be going for chemo tomorrow it will be my twelfth so only another six to go. Did you find that you forget things, I am putting it down to chemo. my memory was fine before that. :-( will keep in touch. Hoping for good results from your ct scan. love and hugs, Julie xx

  • Hi Julie- Glad you only have two cycles to go!! Just take care of yourself as the last two can be harder due to the cumulative affect of chemo. I really did not have too much trouble with forgetting things just trouble with thought process.

    I have trouble with people talking too fast about important issues and following them.

    Thanks for the good wishes. i am really nervous about the scan. I am only going for monthly blood draws now. Feels like I am now alone fighting this and waiting for something to happen.

    stay in touch!

    Xx Carol

  • His carol, I know how you feel my oncologist is waiting till I have finished my treatment which will be Dec, then having scan. Hope all goes well with yours. I have sent you a pm. xx

  • Hi Juliette

    I certainly had pains with the carbo/taxol. Haven't had taxol on it's own though.

    I agree about ppc. Nobody has heard of it, and yes the stuff on line is pretty depressing. Let's just keep as positive as we can

    Love Judy xx

  • Yes judy, I wish I had never looked on line. but having a positive attitude helps. just had chemo today. ankles swollen but will go down tomorrow. love Julie xxx

  • I had lots of random pains whilst having chemo and am still having them since I finished my treatment in August. Scan last week showed no suspicious activity so I think these are quite normal,for what we are going through.

    Speak with your unit and oncologist when you see them though just to make sure they know

    Take care

    Clare xx

  • Thanks clare I appreciate your reply and made me feel not as worried. Had chemo today so will probably be awake most of the night due to steroids lol. But got a good book to read. Hoping you are keeping well, and sending you all best wishes


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