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I’ve been taking olaparib for two years and I’m trying to research what my next step will be when this treatment becomes in effective. Can’t find any new treatment as a doll on from that, any ideas??

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Hi 21752. I’m not too sure. I thought I read of a trial which offers chemo and a parp combination. I think if you go on the website (sorry can’t remember address) which details current and upcoming trials then there maybe more info. Or I suppose it would be back to chemo as you’d be considered platinum sensitive. Has your oncologist mentioned anything? X

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Hi, thanks for replying to my post, I asked oncologist who didn’t want to entertain the idea of a conversation relating to what next! He more or less told me to be happy with the results so far. Luckily for me he is only filling in for my own oncologist who is off sick, I know when he gets back he will have this conversation with me. I cannot understand some doctors wanting you to bury your head in the sand and not make back up plans. Kind regards, keep well.

Also forgot to say you may stay on Olaparib for much longer hopefully! Good luck x

Hi 21752 I'm taking Olaparib since 2015.Ive had 2 surgeries since starting it but,as I'm having good results on Olaparib Ive been kept on them.

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Hi AnnieThank you for your reply, does that mean that you have had recurrence twice whilst taking Olaparib?

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Yes had 2 recurrence episodes while on Olaparib.When I was diagnosed originally I was told incurable and inoperable,I was advanced stage four.But when I started taking the Olaparib it managed the cancer ,which is all it's supposed to do.I had a radical hysterectomy,with partial momentum removal during first op as cancer on both Fallopian tubes.2nd op was 9 months later with tumour near hip.Thank God Ive been doing well since.I was told that when tumours come back they will remove as long as they can,so that's a bonus for me.Many women in the states have been on Olaparib 8 or more years as it was passed by the FDA there long before here.

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Hi Annie, thank you so much for your reply, you have been through the mill hopefully the olaparib will continue to work for a long time.I have had no surgery since the initial debulking surgery in 2014. I’ve been so lucky that chemo has always managed to have the desired result NED.

I didn’t realise that olaparib was being used 9 years ago in the States, I was the first person to be offered this treatment in the Mid West of Ireland and that was only 2 years ago.

At the time the median survival time was 3.9 years, I have just found a new report published in June 2020 which increased that to 5 years.

Are you in Ireland??

I hope you continue to remain stable, take care.

Yes in the south of Ireland.On the Olaparib since 2015.

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